Submission of thesis

Before submitting your PhD thesis

Approximately two months before submitting your PhD thesis, you must nominate an assessment committee for the assessment of your thesis and the PhD defence.

You and your principal supervisor nominate the committee by submitting the form "Nominating an assessment committee".








All PhD students have to submit their PhD thesis in PhD Planner.

What to do?

  • 90 days before the submission date of your PhD thesis, the Graduate School will open the task "Await. submission thesis by PhD student" in PhD Planner and send you an email regarding this
  • Log in to PhD Planner with your UCPH user account and password*
  • Find the open task under "Home" and "My tasks"
  • Click on "Update", upload your thesis, provide the required information and submit
  • Your thesis must not exceed 40MB. Minimize it by compressing any images. The co-authorship declarations must be submitted in a separate PDF.

What happens next?

  • When you have submitted, you will receive an email to confirm that the Graduate School has received your thesis and will check that all formal requirements have been met
  • When we have checked the formal requirements, we will send you an email with a formal receipt for submission of thesis

Please note that your enrolment in the Graduate School terminates when you submit your PhD thesis. If you are employed at UCPH, you should inform the UCPH HR department about the submission of your thesis to make sure your PhD employment is terminated at the same time. There may be different rules and conditions that you must be aware of regarding your employment.

How to submit earlier than 90 days before submission date

If you want to submit your thesis earlier than 90 days before submission date, please send an email to to let us know.


*From 17 November 2022 you need to use multi-factor login (MFA) to login to PhD Planner - if you are not using VPN or wired network.  On our support website, you can see how to create and use MFA at PhD Planner.


If you experience problems regarding PhD Planner or forgot your UCPH user ID and/or password, please consult our support website





















The PhD thesis may be printed once it has been recommeded for defence.

It is the PhD student’s responsibility that copies of the PhD thesis are available to the public.

The Graduate School pays for 12 copies of the thesis per PhD student through an agreement with UCPH’s in-house printing service, Campus Print, on the printing of PhD theses. Please note, that this includes two copies for the legal deposit to the Royal Danish Library.

The Graduate School does not cover any printing expenses beyond the 12 copies.

Read more about Campus Print (in Danish)

You can contact Campus Print at Please state that you are a PhD student at SUND when contacting Campus Print.

Advice from Campus Print concerning pagination (PDF)


All PhD theses produced at SUND are subject to legal deposit to the Royal Library.

As a main rule it is the PhD student’s responsibility to hand over the PhD thesis to the Royal Library. You can upload it via this link: Legal deposit | under “Login and upload of e-books”.
Please note that you must have NemID/MitID to do the upload. PhD students who do not have NemID/MitID are exempted from uploading their thesis to the Royal Library.

If the thesis is printed by a Danish printing office, it is the responsibility of the printing office to send two copies of the printed version of the thesis to the Royal Library, Pligtafleveringen, Chr. Brygge 8, 1219 København K.

If the thesis is printed, but not by a Danish printing office, it is the PhD student’s responsibility to send two copies of the printed thesis to the Royal Library at the abovementioned address.

The thesis must be uploaded via the link Legal deposit | regardless of whether two printed copies of the thesis has been sent to the Royal Library.












The Graduate school will ensure that you have access to your KUmail, PhD Planner and free software, e.g. UCPH's license to Zoom, until you have received your diploma.