PhD Planner

Which PhD students and supervisors have to use PhD Planner?

As of 20 May 2021, all PhD students and their principal supervisors have to manage their PhD programme in PhD Planner.

For PhD students

 You can open the accordion for each task and read more on how to manage the specific task in PhD Planner. 









For principal supervisors

You must manage the following tasks in PhD Planner:

  1. Approval of regular assessments
  2. Approval of the nominated assessment committee and the statement regarding the completed PhD study in relation to this
  3. Approval of applications regarding extension of the PhD study, changes in the group of supervisors, part-time studies or leave of absence 

What to do?

  • When you receive an email from the Graduate School regarding a new task, log in to PhD Planner with your UCPH user account and password
  • Under "Assessments" you will find your open task(s)
  • Click on "Provide assessment" and read the information provided by the PhD student
  • Select "I approve" or "I do not approve" and click on "Submit"