PhD Planner



Are you using PhD Planner outside the wired UCPH network?

You need to use multi-factor login (MFA) to login to PhD Planner - if you are not using VPN or wired network. 
The first time you log in to one of UCPH' IT-systems with MFA, you must register your preferred choice of MFA method and install the free app (NetIQ). You can already start this step now.


Please note that you will be redirected to MitID from the link to NemID.



You need to register an MFA method.

If you do not have a MitID, you need to call UCPH IT Support on +45 35 32 32 32 Monday to Friday between 7:30am and 4pm to get assistance.

In order to help you, make sure to sit in front of a PC/tablet and have access to your smartphone.

Please make sure you have the following information before you call UCPH IT Support. The information must be used to confirm your identity:

  • Your UCPH ID
  • Your pseudo/fictitious CPR Number
  • Your pin code
  • The external email address you provided when you applied for your employment or enrolment (Gmail, Hotmail, external work email)

If you are PhD student and are unsure about any of this information, you are welcome to contact the Graduate School at If you are a principal supervisor, we kindly ask you to contact your department.

Install and use NetIQ app as multi-factor authentication.





  1. Follow the link to PhD Planner
  2. Log in with UCPH ID and password
  3. Select your chosen MFA-method and press Next
  4. Approve login via smartphone app
  5. You are now logged in to PhD Planner

Please follow the guidance from UCPH IT Support for further information regarding MFA. 



As part of getting UCPH one of the safest universities regarding IT- security in the world, several initiatives will be taken by UCPH IT.  PhD Planner is one of the IT systems where UCPH IT are increasing data security and they are doing this by implementing multi-factor authentication (MFA).




Frequent login issues

We have listed some of the most frequent login issues and what to do if you encounter one of these issues.


Please send an email to PhD Planner Support at or call us at (+45) 35 32 65 70 - lines are open Monday to Thursday 10.00-15.00 and Friday 10-14.

If you contact us by email, please include your direct telephone number and we will give you a call.



Please follow the guidance from UCPH IT Support on how to find your UCPH username or how to change your password with NemID.  



Please follow the guidance from UCPH IT Support on how to get help with multi-factor authentication.


For PhD students

You can open the accordion for each task and read more on how to manage the specific task in PhD Planner. 






Please use the link below to read more about each task and how to do the registration in PhD Planner:

External courses

Change of research environment




For principal supervisors

You must manage the following tasks in PhD Planner:

  1. Approval of regular assessments
  2. Approval of the nominated assessment committee and the statement regarding the completed PhD study in relation to this
  3. Approval of applications regarding extension of the PhD study, changes in the group of supervisors, part-time studies or leave of absence 

What to do?

  • When you receive an email from the Graduate School regarding a new task, log in to PhD Planner with your UCPH user account and password
  • Under "My tasks" you will find your open task(s)
  • Click on "Send to PhD administration"  and read the information provided by the PhD student and provide your assessment