Approval of external courses for your PhD plan

If you complete a course that is not offered by the Graduate School of Health and Medical Sciences you must apply for approval.

You can apply for approval by filling in the form Approval of external courses. Your application must contain:
- a course description
- a detailed time schedule
- a course certificate

Please note that certain rules applies for courses from other providers:

  • The course must have scientific relevance to your PhD project
  • The course must be at PhD level. Courses at Master’s level can be approved if they have a scientific relevance to your PhD project
  • Your principal supervisor must approve your participation in the course
  • The course must be of at least 0.5 ECTS/more than 5 hours of teaching in order to be reviewed
  • You can apply for approval of courses completed up to 5 years before your enrolment date
  • You can get up to 15 ECTS transferred for courses completed before enrolment

Please note that all applications for approval of external courses will be assessed individually and that approval is granted on a case-by-case basis.

See examples of external courses  and activities and the criteria which the Graduate School emphasises when assessing your application (PDF).