Responsible Conduct of Research

The Graduate School offers two different courses in Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR). There are different requirements depending on the time of your enrollment.

The two different courses are: 

  1. Responsible Conduct of Research 1: An Introduction - This course is mandatory and you must participate in the course within the first 12 months of your PhD programme. The purpose of the course is to make PhD students familiar with norms relating to responsible conduct of research and problems concerning scientific misconduct or questionable conduct of research.

  2. Responsible Conduct of Research 2: Getting Ready for Submission of Manuscripts and Thesis - this course is mandatory for all PhD students enrolled on 1 August 2020 or later but all PhD students are recommended to participate in the course. The course should be taken in the last year of your PhD. The course will prepare you for submitting - responsibly and successfully - your thesis as well as papers to scientific journals. It is relevant for all PhD students at SUND.