Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about PhD courses

If you have a question regarding courses, please check this FAQ as most answers are found here.

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The first time you applied for a course you had to make a profile. If you cannot see all the courses you have applied for in this profile, then there is a great chance that you have made a second profile while applying for the new course. You should always use the original profile you made when you applied for your first course.

Please contact the Graduate School at if you cannot see all your courses.

When will I receive my UCPH-ID/ID card?

You will receive your registration certificate by email within 15 days. The ID card unit will send you a letter by regular mail containing a pincode.

  • Please go to to create a password, and then login. Go to Self service - ID card - Upload a Photo for ID card, to upload a photo for your ID card.

Within  eight to ten working days the ID card unit will send your ID card by regular mail. If you have not received your ID card within eight to ten working days after uploading a photo, please contact the ID card unit: :  or phone: +4535322700

Why does my UCPH-ID and not my name show on course certificates and participants list?

If you are registered with a secret name and address in the Danish Person Register, your name will not show in the Graduate School's course system. Your UCPH-ID will be shown instead of your name.


General questions regarding PhD courses and external activities










If you get sick before or during a course, you should let the course secretary know as soon as possible. Furthermore, you need to inform the Graduate School by sending an email to

If you due to sickness participate less than 80%, the Graduate School may waive the course fee. This requires that you provide documentation from your employer stating that you have been sick and therefor legally absent from the course.

Documentation from your employer can be an email from your employer stating that you have been legally absent from the course or a screenshot from an administrative system where the absence is registered. The documentation should be sent to the Graduate School at



PhD courses taken at SUND will automatically be registered on your profile. After your enrollment, we will contact you regarding these courses.

If you complete a course that is not offered by the Graduate School of Health and Medical Sciences you must apply for approval. You can apply for approval of an external course after the completion of the course.
Please note that the Graduate School does not grant pre-approval of external courses. Read more about our rules regarding credit transfer.






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