Apply for reimbursement of your course fee

Rules for reimbursement

  • You can get the course fee reimbursed for a maximum of two PhD courses with a maximum of DKK 2,300 per ECTS.
  • In addition to the reimbursement of the two PhD courses, you can also apply for reimbursement for course fees for courses taken via Coursera, edX and similar online platforms. However, you can have a maximum of 5 ECTS approved for these kind of courses in total and the maximum reimbursement is DKK 2,300 per ECTS.
  • Paid course fees are refundable for courses completed less than 6 months before enrolment.
  • Expenses such as travel, accommodation, books, meals etc. can be reimbursed if they are included in the course fee.

Reimbursement procedure

  • Apply for approval of the course via PhD Planner and indicate in the application that you wish to apply for reimbursement of the course fee.
  • When your course fee has been approved, you must follow the guidelines for how to get reimbursed.