Legislation and rules governing the PhD programme

Rules and regulations at UCPH and SUND

Link to PDF concerning PhD rules and guidelines at UCPH and SUNDThe publication (PDF) contains the common rules and guidelines for the PhD programme at UCPH and the supplementary rules and regulations at SUND.

For more detailed information regarding the PhD study, e.g. how to apply for enrolment, sign up for courses, planning the PhD project, please browse our website.

Latest update: January 2024

Additional legislation and rules

  • The Ministerial Order on the PhD programme, 2013 - English  Danish
  • The University Act, 2019 - Danish
  • The AC collective agreement - Danish
  • PhDs teaching obligations at SUND, 2015 - English  Danish
  • Danish Act on Research Misconduct - Danish

Latest updates in Rules and Regulations