Change of research environment

Change of research environment

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A change of research environment during your PhD programme is a requirement according to the PhD Order, and there are no exceptions to this requirement. There are various ways to plan your change of research environment so that it suits the progress and topic of your project and meets the requirement.

Changing your research environment means that you spend a period of time in a different environment from where you normally conduct your research. There are multiple ways for the requirement to be met. It  can be a research stay at another research institution, a private research company or organisation etc. either in Denmark or abroad . Your principal supervisor must help you find institutions, research groups or organisations that are relevant to your project. As a rule of thumb, a stay at a co-supervisor’s research facility or department cannot be approved, unless your co-supervisor’s research facility or department differs from your own.

Please note that participation in courses, conferences or congresses is not accepted as a change of environment.

The main purpose of your change of environment is to further your research, to experience a difference research environment and to develop your network within your field of research. The stay should preferably be abroad, but stays in Denmark are also accepted.

Make sure your research stay is registered

Your stay(s) must be registered by the Graduate School.

You can choose to submit the information in either;

You need your KU-login to complete the form.

If you do not know your KU-login or forgot your password, please look for help here.

All PhD students enrolled at the Graduate School have a KU user name and login.

If you plan to apply for financial support for your change of research environment, you do not need to complete the above forms. Information about your stay will be registered in connection with the application for financial support.

Duration of the change of environment

At the Graduate School of Health and Medical Sciences, the duration of the research stay(s) must total at least one month. If possible, longer stays are preferred as this gives you the time and opportunity to develop networks with other researchers.

The change of research environment must be completed within your enrolment period.

For Industrial PhD students

Since the Industrial PhD programme is carried out in collaboration between a company and the university and the PhD student thereby is part of two working environments, it is considered that Industrial PhD students have already fulfilled the requirement concerning a change of research environment.

Industrial PhD students who wish to complete additional research stays abroad or in Denmark, are free to do so and to apply for the financial support from the Graduate School on the same terms as ordinary PhD students.

Change of environment – going abroad

The Graduate School recommends that you go abroad for your research stay. Going abroad gives you the opportunity to make international contacts and gain new perspectives on your research. You can apply for financial support if your stay(s) last at least four weeks in total.

Addendum to your employment contract
If you are employed at UCPH and your stay abroad exceeds 28 days, you will need an addendum to your employment contract in order to be covered by UCHP's travel insurance. Please contact your place of employment if this applies to you. If you need further information or have any question concerning the addendum, please contact International Staff Mobility

If you are employed elsewhere, make sure to check your employer’s insurance conditions.

Change of environment - in Denmark

You can also meet the requirement by staying at another Danish university, company or institution. The stay needs to last at least four weeks in total. The Graduate School offers financial support for stays in Denmark if the stay is carried out at a university / research institution outside the Capital Region of Denmark and Region Zealand.  

What to expect from your supervisor?

The change of research environment is a mandatory part of the PhD programme. Accordingly, your supervisor plays a crucial role in the planning of your stay.  

  • Your supervisor must help you identify institutions, research groups or   organisations that are relevant to your project, e.g. via his/her own network.
  • Activities at another research institution or private research company must be approved by your principal supervisor.