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Financial support for your stay abroad

If you are going abroad in connection with your change of research environment, you can apply for financial support from the Graduate School to cover travel and study related expenses.

Make sure to carefully plan your stay(s) to meet the requirements for financial support.

Checklist before applying

✓ Obtain documentation of your stay from the foreign university/institution.
    This may be a confirmation letter or email correspondence stating the duration of your research stay.

    The documentation must contain the institution signature or logo. If you're
    staying in different foreign universities/institutions, you need documentation from
all of them.  

✓ Prepare a short statement explaining the connection between your stay and your
    PhD project.

✓ Obtain project account information from your department (UCPH employees only).

✓ Submit your due regular assessments before applying for financial support.

Apply for financial support

You can apply for financial support up to two times during your PhD programme. You cannot apply for funding for fewer than four weeks at a time.

You need your KU-login to complete the form.

If you do not know your KU-login or forgot your password, please look for help here.

All PhD students enrolled at the Graduate School have a KU user name and login.


When you apply for financial support, we also register information about your stay. Consequently, you don't need to complete the form "Change of research environment".

 Requirements relevant to all applications

  • It is possible to apply for financial support for multiple stays abroad provided that the period(s) last at least four weeks in total.
  • You may combine an unlimited number of stays at different foreign research institutions.
  • You must obtain documentation of your stay(s) from the foreign university/institution stating the duration of your research stay.
  • You can apply for financial support no more than twice during your PhD programme, provided that the period or periods last at least 4 weeks.
  • Supplementary applications may be submitted if your current stay is extended, or if you supplement your first stay with a new stay abroad.

How much funding does the Graduate School provide?

  • The maximum grant is DKK 10,000 for the first month and up to DKK 5,000 for the following five months. Regardless of whether you apply for financial support once or twice, the maximum grant you can receive during your PhD programme is DKK 35,000 (equivalent to a six month stay).

Which budget items can you apply for?

  • Travel expenses related to your research stay abroad.
  • Rent, health and travel insurance and local transport.
  • Travel expenses related to journeys abroad for private purposes, participation in congresses and courses are not covered by the grant.

When should you apply?

  • Applications for financial support can be submitted before, during or after your stay, but no later than upon the submission of your thesis. However, in order to receive financial support before your stay, please apply at least one month in advance.

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