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To mitigate the consequences of a spread of coronavirus, the government has decided that students and staff at all higher education institutions in Denmark are not to turn up at the University for studying or working.

Given the circumstances, the phone lines at the Graduate School are closed, but emails will be replied as soon as possible, and applications will be handled.

Learn more about the measures taken by the Graduate School in regards to the corona-virus.

Email us at - remember to state your full name and a phone number.


Hans Braüner-OsborneHead of Graduate School
Hans Bräuner-Osborne

(+45) 35334469

Picture of Tina LewisHead of Research and Innovation
Tina Lewis
(+45) 3058 9241

Vibeke Moldt JørgensenHead of Graduate School

Vibeke Moldt Jørgensen
(+45) 2112 6747

Enrolment (requirements, application form, application guidelines etc.)

Academic Officer
Rune Frøding
(+45) 3532 6783

Anders BerentsenAcademic Officer
Anders Berntsen
(+45) 3533 4977


Mette Abildgaard NielsenAcademic Officer
Mette Abildgaard Nielsen
(+45) 3532 6531

Asta Gjørup NielsenAcademic Officer
Asta Gjørup Nielsen
(+45) 3533 5024

Administration of regular assessments, stays abroad, leave, extensions, illness, exmatriculation etc. 

Merete EvaldAcademic Officer
Merete Evald
(+45) 3533 3783

Ulrikke LundPhD Administrator
Ulrikke Lund
(+45) 3532 8275

Mette AndersenAcademic Officer
Vibeke Petersen

Concluding the PhD (thesis, assessment committee, defence etc.)

Special Advisor
Hege Søreng
(+45) 3533 7825

Fie PedersenAcademic Officer
Fie Juul Pedersen
(on maternity leave)

Dorte Hørlück LundsagerAcademic Officer
Dorte Hørlück Lundsager
(+45) 3532 7085

Academic Officer Nikoline Jakobsen
Nikoline Bernstorff Jakobsen

(+45) 3533 5531

PhD courses (course catalogue, budget, organising courses etc.)

Nora Nina MenshedAcademic Officer
Nora Nina Menshed
(+45) 3533 2149

Pernille Hedegaard ChristensenAcademic Officer
Pernille Hedegaard Christensen
(+45) 3533 4854

Connie Foss HansenPhD Administrator
Connie Foss Hansen
(+45) 3533 3617

Sara KhanOffice Trainee
Sara Khan

Mia DabelsteenCareer programme

Special Advisor
Mia Dabelsteen
(+45) 3533 4025

Graduate School finances 

Academic Officer
Steen Diedrich
(+45) 3533 1309

Tilla AxbøgPhD Administrator
Tilla Sara Axbøg
(+45) 3533 5998

Travel reimbursements

Sara KhanOffice Trainee
Sara Khan

Travel reimbursements

Course in Responsible Conduct of Research for PhD students

Marie-Louise MunchSpecial Advisor
Marie-Louise Munch
(+45) 2364 9253

PhD Study Board

Pernille Hedegaard ChristensenAcademic Officer
Pernille Hedegaard Christensen
(+45) 3533 4854

Academic Officer
Merete Evald
(+45) 3533 3783

Graduate programmes and the PhD coordinators

Marie-Louise MunchSpecial Advisor
Marie-Louise Munch
(+45) 2364 9253

Website and communications 

Mette Andersen
Please contact the Graduate School at 

Double degrees, 3+5 and 4+4 PhD programme 

Marie-Louise MunchSpecial Advisor
Marie-Louise Munch
(+45) 2364 9253


Student assistants

Sibel ZulfovskiStudent Assistant
Sibel Zulfovski

Amalie JuulStudent Assistant
Amalie Juul

Christian Møller JensenStudent Assistant
Christian Møller Jensen

Johanne ModvigStudent Assistant
Johanne Modvig

Graduate programmes

For contact information on the Graduate Programmes at the Graduate School, please see the Graduate Programmes website.

Press and media enquiries

For press-related enquiries regarding individual PhD researchers or research groups, please contact Faculty Communications