Reimbursement of course fee for Danish language courses

If you are a non-Danish PhD student at SUND and you wish to improve you Danish language skills on a Danish language course, you can apply for financial support from the Graduate School to cover the course fee.

Which courses are eligible?

  • Courses completed after 1 July 2018.
  • Courses completed at language schools, which offer courses on different skill levels and provide you with a course certificate.

Go to International Staff Mobility for more information about recommended language schools.

Rules for reimbursement

  • You can get the course fee reimbursed for up to two language courses. The maximum of the total grant is 4.000 DKK.
  • When you apply for reimbursement for more than one course fee, the first and second courses must be at different skill levels.
  • Paid course fees are refundable for courses completed during enrolment or less than six months before enrolment.
  • Expenses for books etc. can be reimbursed if they are included in the course fee.
  • It is not possible to obtain ECTS credits for Danish language courses.

Reimbursement procedure

  • Obtain project account information from your department (UCPH employees only).
  • Fill in the form Reimbursement for Danish language course
  • Upload documentation of completed course(s), i.e. receipt for paid course fee(s) and course certificate(s).

Processing time of your application is approximately 14 days.