Responsible Conduct of Research 2: Getting Ready for Submission of Manuscripts and Thesis

Mandatory PhD course

The course is mandatory for all PhD students enrolled on 1 August 2020 or later. All PhD students are recommended to participate in the course.

When can I take the course?

  • The course is held approx. 15 times a year
  • The course should be taken in the last year of your PhD
  • Take the course “RCR 1: An Introduction” before you participate in this course
  •  You enrol via the course catalogue
  • Please note, that you can participate in this course even if you have already earned 35 ECTS credits.


The course is held online and at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Panum. Please check the course catalogue for more information about the location. 

The course purpose

The course will prepare you for submitting - responsibly and successfully - your thesis as well as papers to scientific journals. It is relevant for all PhD students at SUND.

In a hands-on way, the course will address topics such as open access requirements, data management, authorship issues, duplicate text, documentation of ethical and legal permissions, declaring your conflicts of interest etc. ahead of the publication of articles and submission of thesis. 

Read the RCR2 course description

Written assignment

  • In order to complete the RCR2 course, you must submit a written assignment.
  • The assignment must be handed in two weeks after you participate in the RCR2 course.
  • The assignment consists of a list of challenges to guide your submission(s) of papers and thesis. Your assignment is to fill out a logbook following the list and explain how you will deal with the challenge, or how you intend to deal with the challenge.

Learn more about the written assignment.

Get your thesis screened for duplicate text before submission

The course will give you access to having your thesis pre-screened for duplicate text at the Royal Library before submitting it to the Graduate School. You will learn what it takes to stay clear of plagiarism and self-plagiarism in your thesis or manuscript and be able to understand the results of the pre-screening report.

You can make use of the pre-screening the day after you have taken the course. It is not possible to get access to the pre-screening without participating in the course.