Part-time study

You can apply for studying part-time after enrolment. 
If you have been enrolled for a part-time PhD study and wish to change this course of study to full-time, please contact the Graduate School at

Certain rules apply to part-time study:

  • PhD students registered for part-time study pay full tuition fees for the first three years and no tuition fees for the rest of the period.
  • Studying part-time will extend your PhD study. The Graduate School will calculate the new date for submission of your thesis.
  • PhD students registered for part-time study are required to work on their PhD project 18.5 hours on average per week.
  • The Graduate School does not distinguish between full-time and part-time studies during an extension period. If you are in an extension and wish to study part-time, you do not need to inform the Graduate School.
  • Your part-time study must be approved by the superior at your place of employment (Hiring Manager).
  • Applications for part-time must be submitted before the period of part-time begins.

Please note that Studying part-time may lead to extra mandatory regular assessments

If you have a residence and work permit in Denmark certain rules apply for part-time study. Please contact International Staff Mobility for further information before submitting your application.
Please contact Innovation Fund Denmark regarding your options if you are an Industrial PhD student.

You can apply for part-time study by following the link below.
The form is in English, but you are welcome to fill in any free text in English or Danish.
The processing time of your application is approximately 14 days.