Part-time study

You can apply for studying part-time after enrolment.

  • PhD students registered for part-time study pay full tuition fees for the first three years and no tuition fees for the rest of the period.
  • Studying part-time will extend your PhD study. The Graduate School will calculate the new date for submission of your thesis.
  • PhD students registered for part-time study are required to work on their PhD project at least 18.5 hours in average per week.

  • The Graduate School does not distinguish between full time and part-time studies during an unpaid extension period. If you are in an unpaid extension and wish to study part-time, you do not need to inform the Graduate School.

  • Applications for part-time must be submitted before the period of part-time begins

Processing time of your application is approximately 14 days.

If you have a residence and work permit in Denmark, certain rules apply for part-time study. Please contact International Staff Mobility for further information before submitting your application.

Part-time is not an option for Industrial PhD Students funded by Innovation Fund Denmark.