Maternity, paternity, parent or adoption leave

Maternity, paternity, parent or adoption leave is a legal right that is regulated by the terms of your employment.

  • Depending on your place of employment you must complete a form to report your leave.
  • Your enrolment as a PhD student is extended corresponding to the absence period agreed upon with your place of employment. However, your enrolment will not be extended due to vacation, neither if the vacation is taken in connection with your maternity-, paternity- or parental leave.
  • The remaining duration of your study period will be the same before and after your maternity/paternity leave.

For more information, please contact the HR Department at your place of employment. For KU employees, please visit KUnet.

Industrial PhD students must notify Innovation Fund Denmark.

You can report your leave by following the link below.
Processing time of your application is approximately 14 days.