Change in the group of supervisors

The composition of the supervisor group is a matter between the PhD student and the principal supervisor. It is possible to apply for changes of supervisors.

If you change supervisors please pay attention to the supervisor requirements.
Please be aware that two people with a close personal relationship or family relationship may not be in the same supervisor group.

When would you make changes in the group of supervisors?

  • If your principal supervisor is no longer employed at the faculty.
  • If your project has taken a turn and you need other professional skills in the group of supervisors.
  • If a person has contributed significantly to the supervision and needs to be added to the supervisor group as a co-supervisor.
  • If the supervisor is disqualified due to legal incapacity e.g. family relations or any other close personal or financial ties.

Industrial PhD students must enclose a pre-approval from Innovation Fund Denmark.

You can apply for a change in the group of supervisors by following the link below.
The form is in English, but you are welcome to fill in any free text in English or Danish.
Processing time of your application is approximately 14 days.