The external assessor

An external assessor offers input on the PhD project’s scientific work and progress at the first and last regular assessments and by further agreement. The external assessor provides input independently of the principal supervisor, the PhD student and the work performed throughout the PhD project.  

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Benefits for all involved

  • Quality feedback
  • Opportunity to consult an external specialist of the PhD student’s and supervisor's own choice concerning the overall project
  • An alternative view on the interpretation of data
  • Litmus test of the project process, progression and scientific content during the project and before submission of the thesis
  • Early independent feedback may help to identify blind spots, weaknesses and issues in the project  
  • Networking opportunities


Deliver high-level feedback on:

  • Scientific content
  • Interpretation of data
  • The progress of the PhD project
  • Participate in the regular assessment meetings (e.g. via video conferences)
  • Be available to give in-depth feedback and to follow up on own comments after each regular assessment meeting (and furthermore by individual agreement)
  • Sign the regular assessment forms


The external assessor is expected to maintain a distance to the project and the people involved, in order to be able to make an independent assessment. The following principles guide the use of external assessors:

  • The external assessor is expected to be able to freely discuss all parts of the PhD project.
  • The external assessor may not have a close personal relationship or family relationship with anyone in the supervisor group.
  • The external assessor may not be part of the same group of authors as the supervisors and the PhD student, and may not have co-published with them within the last 3 years preceding enrolment.
  • The external assessor may be part of the final assessment committee if the person complies with the relevant rules in this respect.

Fees are not paid to external assessors, nor does the Graduate School cover any travel costs.