Requirements of co-supervisors

PhD students must have one primary co-supervisor. Furthermore, it is possible to attach an unrestricted number of other co-supervisors to the PhD project.

Primary co-supervisor

  • The primary co-supervisor must be at an academic level corresponding to associate professor. Documentation of the academic level must be provided in the enrolment application.
  • In some cases the primary co-supervisor is more involved in the PhD student’s research project  than the principal supervisor. However, it is always the principal supervisor who holds the full project responsibility.
  • If the PhD student is in doubt whether the intended primary co-supervisor meets the requirements, the PhD student can have an assessment made before applying for enrolment. To do so, please email the intended primary co-supervisor's CV, including a list of publications, to

Other co-supervisors must;

  • Possess qualifications within the scientific area in question in order to contribute to the PhD project and help the PhD student with the research.
  • Offer regular supervision and guidance to the PhD student - at least twice a year.
  • Participate in the regular assessments of the PhD student’s study programme.
  • Be available for the PhD student during the writing of the PhD thesis.
If you are enrolled as an industrial PhD student, you are required to have a project co-supervisor at your industrial work place.