Requirements of the principal supervisor

The principal supervisor has the primary responsibility for the entire PhD programme and offers regular supervision and guidance to the PhD student.

  • The principal supervisor must be employed at the faculty either as an associate
    professor, senior researcher, professor, clinical associate professor or
    clinical professor.
  • If the principal supervisor changes jobs during your PhD and thus is no longer employed at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, you must change principal supervisor.
  • It is mandatory for all principal PhD supervisors to participate in a SUND Seminar in Responsible Conduct of Research.
  • The principal supervisor must ensure that two people with a close personal relationship or family relationship are not in the same supervisor group.

Responsibilities during the application process

  • Prepare the enrolment application in collaboration with the PhD student.
  • Discuss how to create a positive supervision process and fill in an expectation alignment with the PhD student.

Responsibilities during the PhD programme

  • Ensure that the entire PhD study is carried out as planned and notify the Graduate School of any major delays or significant deviations.
  • Support the PhD student in training dissemination skills, and be present at informal presentations of research results.
  • Encourage and help the PhD student to participate in active research environments, including stays at other, mainly foreign, research institutions, private research enterprises etc.
  • Prepare regular assessments in collaboration with the PhD student in accordance with the dates set in the enrolment certificate.

Responsibilities related to thesis submission and defence

  • Propose members for the assessment committee approximately two months before the expected PhD thesis submission date.
  • Assess the complete PhD programme.
  • Prepare the defence in cooperation with the PhD student
  • Set the date, time and venue for the defence