Knowledge dissemination and work obligations

Knowledge dissemination

During the PhD programme, you are required to gain experience of teaching or other forms of knowledge dissemination. This requirement sets out in the PhD Order. The dissemination activities should be related to your PhD project, e.g. a poster presentation at a conference, a presentation of your work to your own research group, or teaching.

The Graduate School has no specific requirements concerning the scope and format of the dissemination activities. However, your graduate programme may have specific requirements.

Work obligations

Besides the requirement concerning knowledge dissemination, you may be subject to certain work obligations. Your work obligations depend on your place of employment and the collective agreement (in Danish: overenskomst) that applies

The Graduate School recommends that you use this template for agreement on work obligations.

If you are employed at the faculty

Faculty staff are covered by the Agreement between the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations and the Ministry of Finance (in Danish: AC-overenskomsten). The agreement includes an addendum concerning work obligations (in Danish, page 67, Section 7(2)).

The Dean’s Office has specified how the agreement is interpreted at SUND by establishing the following guidelines for PhD students employed at SUND:

  • You can only be required to undertake teaching or other forms of knowledge dissemination related to your PhD project.
  • Activities related to teaching and knowledge dissemination must be stated in your PhD plan.
  • If you wish, you can undertake teaching which is not related to your PhD project. However, this must be by agreement with your principal supervisor.
  • As a PhD student, your assigned teaching activities may not exceed 100 teaching hours per year (on average).

Please see the complete guidelines for PhD students’ teaching activities and work obligations at the Faculty issued by the Dean in December 2014.

If you teach in order to fulfil your work obligations, this can also cover the requirement for knowledge dissemination set out in the PhD Order.

If you are employed elsewhere

If you are not employed at the Faculty, local rules concerning work obligations apply. Please check with your employer.

The Dean's office and the heads of department expect PhD students to be assigned to teach e.g. courses and exercises equivalent to an average of maximum 100 teaching hours per year.