Nominating an assessment committee

At least 2 months before submitting your PhD thesis, you and your principal supervisor must nominate a committee to assess your thesis and PhD defence.



The work of the assessment committee

The assessment committee  for a PhD student consists of three members. The principal supervisor of the PhD student is responsible for nominating the members of the assessment committe.

Assessment of thesis

  • The assessment committee has two months to reach a conclusion on whether the PhD thesis can be recommended for public defence
  • The principal supervisor must be available for questions during the assessment committee’s work
  • The PhD student is not permitted to have any contact with the assessment committee from the start of the assessment process until the assessment has been sent to the principal supervisor and the PhD student
  • The principal supervisor must read and if relevant comment on the assessment before it is sent to the Graduate School
  • The chairperson signs the assessment on behalf of the assessment committee and submits the assessment by email to the Graduate School. The assessment must be submitted no later than three weeks prior to the expected defence. Otherwise it might delay the further planning of the defence.
  • The Graduate School will send the assessment to the PhD student and the principal supervisor.
  • If the thesis is not recommended for defence, the Graduate School will facilitate the next step in the process.

After the thesis has been recommended for defence

  • The members of the assessment committee must be present during the PhD defence and ask questions to initiate an academic discussion with the PhD student
  • After the defence the assessment committee makes the final recommendation as to whether the PhD student should be awarded the PhD degree. All three members must sign the signature form and the chairperson submits the form to the Graduate School.

Guidelines for PhD assessors