Nominating an assessment committee

Approximately 2 months before submitting your PhD thesis, you and your principal supervisor must nominate a committee to assess your thesis and PhD defence. You have to follow the link below to nominate the members.

You must complete all elements of the PhD programme before you can nominate the members. View “Requirements for finishing the PhD programme” below for more information.




  • The principal supervisor and the PhD student are responsible for nominating members of the assessment committee
  • Nominations must be submitted to the Graduate School via the task “Appointment of assessment committee” in PhD Planner approximately 2 months before the thesis is submitted
  • The nominees must consent to be on the committee before the form is submitted
  • The Graduate School submits the names of the nominees to the PhD Study Board and the Dean’s Office for approval
  • The Graduate School informs all members of the assessment committee, the PhD student, and the principal supervisor when the committee is officially appointed.

The PhD student is not permitted to have contact with members of the assessment committee from the start of the assessment period until the assessment has been sent to the principal supervisor and the PhD student.









  • A chairperson, who must be employed by the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences as an associate professor, senior researcher, professor, clinical associate professor or clinical professor
  • A representative from a Danish research institution (must not be employed at the University of Copenhagen)
  • A representative from a research institution abroad, representing international research.

At least one of the two external members must be employed in the relevant subject area at a university
One of the external members may be emeritus/emerita if they are still active researchers. The use of emeriti in the assessment committee must be reasoned in the form concerning the nomination of the assessment committee, and a CV and publications list must be forwarded. The academic level, employment and affiliation is considered at the time of appointment of the assessment committee.

Every effort should be made to ensure that both genders are represented on the assessment committee

Rules applicable to all members of the committee

  • All members must be at an academic level corresponding to associate professor or higher in the relevant subject area. Senior researchers employed at Danish universities and the government research institutions are considered to be at associate professor level. If an assessor does not have the title "professor" or "associate professor", the CV of the relevant assessor must be submitted in the form "Appointment of assessment committee". If the assessor is employed as a “senior researcher” at a Danish university or Danish government research institution, no CV is necessary.
  • None of the suggested members must have published articles together with the PhD student nor worked on manuscripts together
  • There must be no conflicts of interest between the members of the assessment committee and the PhD student or the principal supervisor, which could influence the assessment
  • None of the PhD student’s supervisors can be members of the assessment committee









Before you submit your PhD thesis, you have to complete all the elements of the PhD programme. You must: 





The work of the assessment committee

The assessment committee for a PhD student consists of three members. The principal supervisor and the PhD student is responsible for nominating the members of the assessment committee.





Last updated: March 2024

Assessment fee 

The standard assessment fee is 7685.92 DKK which corresponds to 16 hours of work. Please note, that the chairperson does not receive an assessment fee as he or she is employed by the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences. Assessment of a revised thesis does not carry an additional assessment fee. 

Booking travel and accommodation 

Please book your flights and hotel as soon as the thesis has been approved for defence by the Graduate School. If you need help making hotel reservations, please contact the Graduate School at or call us at (+45) 35 32 65 70. 

Travel and accommodation expenses 

Reimbursable travel expenses include airfares, accommodation, ground transportation, travel in a private vehicle, meals, and small necessities. Please note, only receipts detailing the purchase are accepted as evidence of payment. Bank statements, credit card receipts, and order confirmations do not qualify as receipts for these expenses. In case of screen dumps please be aware that the amount must appear. 


The Graduate School will only reimburse you for economy class airfares. If economy class is not available for a specific flight, an amount corresponding to the cost of an economy class ticket will be reimbursed. Please remember to save your boarding pass and attach it together with the receipt when you fill in the “Assessment fee and reimbursement of expenses” form.

Ground transportation
The Graduate School will reimburse you for transportation expenses from the airport or train station to the hotel, and from the hotel back to the airport or train station. The cheapest possible means of transportation should be used. The reimbursement rate for transport in a private vehicle is DKK 2.23 per km.

Incidental transportation and other expenses
If you are staying in Denmark for more than 24 hours, the Graduate School will offer you a daily allowance (per diem) of 574 DKK to cover all local transportation expenses during your stay (e.g. to and from the hotel for the thesis defence) and other expenses, e.g. meals and transport. If your trip lasts less than 24 hours, you may claim reimbursement of your incidental transportation and other expenses separately.


The maximum reimbursable amount for hotel accommodation is DKK 1,448 per night. For travels within Europe, the maximum reimbursable stay is one night. For travels outside Europe, the maximum reimbursable stay is two to three nights. The Graduate School cannot reimburse you for hotel expenses unless you provide an invoice directed to ‘KU-Blegdamsvej 3B’. Please ask at the hotel reception for the final invoice when checking. 

Private accommodation 

If you are accommodated in a private house (with family or friends) during your stay, the Graduate School offers you a small allowance amounting to approximately DKK 246 per night. 

How to claim reimbursement of expenses 

Before the PhD defence takes place, the Graduate School will send you a link to the form that you need to complete for your assessment fee to be paid and expenses reimbursed. If expenses have been paid directly by your employer, please ask your workplace to send an invoice (a PDF file) to The invoice(s) must be marked: 

University of Copenhagen Blegdamsvej 3B
Graduate School of Health and Medical Sciences DK-2200 Copenhagen
VAT: DK29979812 

Lunch or dinner for the assessment committee

The Graduate School pays for one lunch or dinner for the assessment committee and the principal supervisor and primary co-supervisor.

To be reimbursed for the lunch or dinner, please contact the Graduate School. 


Please contact the Graduate School at or on (+45) 35 32 65 70.