Funding opportunities for graduate programmes

Graduate programmes have the opportunity to apply for funding at the Graduate School in order to offer career activities targeted PhD students and / or PhD supervisors in the period from 2018-2023.

When graduate programmes apply for funding, please note that the career activity should be aligned with one of the following purposes:

In relation to PhD students:

  • To enhance and develop central transferrable skills important for future career opportunities
  • To help  PhD students structure their research and increase their research productivity
  • To focus on career paths after graduation.

 In relation to the PhD supervisors:

  • To help the PhD supervisors improve their supervision and mentoring skills.

How to apply for funding

Organisers of  career activities should:

Rules for obtaining financial support for career activities

In order to obtain financial support for career activities it is a requirement that the activities are organised by clusters of 2-3 graduate programmes.

Furthermore, the following applies:

  • The Graduate School supports honorary fees for external guest speakers/instructors (see the career activity budget template for details).
  • The organising graduate programmes should fill in the form “Financial support for graduate programmes” (including career activity description, program and budget) no later than 3 months before the career activity will take place.
  • The application is processed by the Graduate School and approved by the Head of PhD Study Board. The Graduate School informs the responsible organiser about approval of content and budget.
  • The organising graduate programmes may decide to only accept participants (PhD students and/or PhD supervisors) from their own 2-3 graduate programmes. They may also decide to admit PhD students from other graduate programmes if there are available seats.
  • The graduate programmes post the activities on their websites, take care of marketing, book rooms and catering for the career activities, book travels and hotels for guest speakers, process registrations, admit participants, make career activity certificates (if needed) and facilitate evaluations.

How to conclude the career activity

Upon completion of the career activity, the organisers of the career activity should:

  • Compose either
    • a) short evaluative summary of the event written by the responsible organiser or
    • b) a summary based on the completed career activity evaluation. Download evaluation template.

The evaluation must be uploaded to the form "Final reporting for graduate programmes".


If you have questions concerning the  career activities, please contact the Graduate School: or +45 3532 6570.