Exchange Students

Students in auditorium

Exchange students are students enrolled at universities with which the University of Copenhagen and/or the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences have exchange agreements.

At faculty level, the agreements are programme specific. Please note, that certain study programmes only accepts students from the faculty’s programme specific agreements and not from the university wide agreements.

Exchange agreements include:

  • Nordplus
  • Nordlys
  • Erasmus+
  • Bilateral exchange

You can find a list of the faculty’s partners under International Relations.

The university’s course catalogue is available online and here you can find information on credits, prerequisites and detailed course descriptions.

Please note, that we can only assist you with courses where the contracting faculty is the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.

University of Copenhagen course catalogue

To a limited extend, individual research projects are an option for exchange students studying pharmaceutical sciences, veterinary medicine and animal science.

Make sure you study the faculty’s research groups for relevant projects.

Clinical Rotations
Clinical rotations are available for students of medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine. Specific information can be found below.





Only exchange students from the veterinary medicine programme’s partner universities can apply for veterinary courses at the University of Copenhagen.

Courses for master’s degree students:
Veterinary exchange students on their last year of the DVM-programme can participate in the following specialisation courses:

  • Equine medicine (clinical course)
  • Advanced companion animal medicine (clinical course)
  • One Health
  • Biomedicine

Each course lasts 1 semester and awards the students with 26.5 ECTS. You can also choose to participate in these courses a shorter period of time (e.g. 12 weeks). You must always commence the course at study start (1 September or 1 February).

Summer clinical training:
In July and August we offer clinical training at the

  • University Hospital for Companion Animals
  • University Hospital for Large Animals

You must participate in clinical training for a period of minimum 2 weeks and maximum 8 weeks. It is possible to do a combination of clinical training at both hospitals. You will be awarded with 1.5 ECTS per week in the clinic.

If you are a student from one of our Erasmus+ partner universities, you must be able to participate in 8 weeks of clinical training.

Students from our overseas and Nordic partner universities can participate in a shorter period of time. Nordic students must be nominated as Nordplus students.

Summer clinics are primarily for students from partner universities. Only if we have available places are other students welcome to apply. Please send an email to for more information about our waiting list.










The International Education and Grants Office at the University of Copenhagen is responsible for issuing all exchange students’ transcript of records.

Copies of your transcript will be sent to your home university.

You can read more on the University's portal for international students.