Erasmus Traineeships

Dentist students workingThe International Education and Grants Office at the University of Copenhagen administers Erasmus Traineeships.

To find out whether you are eligible to apply and to read more about the application procedure, please see the University of Copenhagen's portal for international students.

At the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences Erasmus+ Traineeships must be arranged directly with a specific department or research group. This means that you are responsible for the initial contact to the relevant professor, researcher or research group and for planning the Erasmus+ Traineeship.

You should have a clear motivation and argumentation for your traineeship when initiating contact.

Unfortunately, the International Relations Office at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences cannot assist you in finding relevant research groups.

Please note: Erasmus Trainees are not allowed to sign up for courses.


Students of medicine from partner and non-partner universities can apply for a summer clinical placement directly at one of the hospital departments included in the Copenhagen University Hospital:

You should be aware of the following before you apply:

  • You must arrange clinical placements yourself by contacting relevant clinical departments at the hospitals directly. The International Relations Office cannot help you organise this.
  • Clinical placements can primarily be arranged during the summer holidays (mid-June to mid-September), when students from the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences are not in the clinics.
  • You must have a clear motivation and argumentation for doing the clinical internship before you make the initial contact with the relevant department.
  • When you have received written confirmation from the clinical department that they are willing to receive you, please forward this confirmation to the International Relations Office at along with an enrolment confirmation from your home institution.
  • If you come from a university in Europe and are planning a clinical placement of at least two months' duration, you may be eligible to apply for an Erasmus Traineeship. You may wish to consult the outbound exchange coordinator at your home faculty/university about this option and how to apply for funding 

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