Guest Students

Guest students: Single courses offered under Open University at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Guest students (or free movers) are students enrolled at non-partner universities and must pay tuition fees to the University of Copenhagen.

You have the opportunity to take selected courses at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences as a single-course student/Guest student under the Open University. Courses are held during the day, and you will attend classes along with students studying full-time bachelor’s or master’s programmes at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences. 

As an Open University student/Guest student, you must pay a tuition fee for your participation in the course. 

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Read more on the general rules at the University of Copenhagen.


You may apply under the Open University for enrolment in selected bachelor’s and master’s courses at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.

Studies under Open University is not an option on Odontology and Medicine.

You may search for courses offered under the Open University in the University of Copenhagen’s course catalogue. Here are guidelines on how to find relevant courses:

  • Choose the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences and choose the course type "Single subject courses day". Note that under the Open University, you can only take bachelor’s and regular master’s courses, not PhD and Professional Master’s courses (follow the link for more information about these types of courses).
  • To limit your search, you may search by level (bachelor or master, for example) or by the department offering the course. Please note, however, that most programmes at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences have courses offered by more than one department.

You may apply for enrolment in courses as long as you meet the admission requirements. However, meeting the requirements is not a guarantee that you will be enrolled for the course. Admission under the Open University/as a guest student is subject to there being room for you on the course.

Please note that you may only take half of a programme under the Open University, that is, 90 ECTS credits for a bachelor’s programme and 60 ECTS for a master’s programme. It is not allowed to schedule a bachelor’s project or master’s thesis under the Open University/as a Guest Student. In other words, you cannot earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree under the Open University/as a Guest student.

Admission requirements

To be enrolled as an Open University/Guest student you must

  • Have an education that meets the requirements for admission
  • Meet the academic requirements for the specific course
  • Meet the language requirements

Meeting education requirements for admission

Enrolment in courses offered under bachelor’s programmes requires a high school diploma like one of the Danish upper secondary certificates or the equivalent.

Please note that you also need to meet the specific requirements of the programme under which the course or courses is offered:


Education-specific requirements

Public Health Science

Danish A level

English B level

Mathematics A level

Medicine and Technology, Veterinary Medicine, Medicine, IT and Health, Molecular Biomedicine, Human Biology and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Danish A level

English B level

Mathematics A level

One of the following:

  • Physics and Chemistry B level
  • Physics B and Biotechnology A level
  • Chemistry B level and Geo sciences  A level


Enrolment in courses offered under master’s programmes requires that you have earned a relevant bachelor’s degree. Find further information in the descriptions of the individual courses in the University of Copenhagen course catalogue.

Academic and progression requirements

In addition to the educational admission requirements, most of the courses offered by the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences have academic and progression requirements; for example, that you must have basic competencies within a field before you can take a master’s course. The requirements are spelled out under the ’formal requirements’ section in the course descriptions in the course catalogue.  You will be asked to document your having met the academic requirements when you apply for enrolment in a course.

Language requirements

To be accepted on courses at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, you must meet the Faculty’s language requirements. The language requirements are set out below, but please note that students seeking admission as Guest Students must follow the University of Copenhagen’s language requirements; read more here

Programmes or courses in English

  • Scandinavian applicants (including Danish applicants) are required to document proficiency in English corresponding to at least English B level; cf. Section 11 of the Danish Ministerial Order on Admission at Universities.
  • Applicants from an English-speaking country and/or applicants who have completed a Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degree in English do not need further documentation of English proficiency. Applicants must submit documentation certifying that their Bachelor's/Master’s degree was earned in English.
  • Applicants from outside Scandinavia who speak or write English as a second language must pass the International English Language Testing System (IELTS/Academic) or the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) to document their qualifications in English. The minimum acceptable score for IELTS is 6.5 and for TOEFL 560 on the paper test, or 83 on the internet-based test. For more information about the tests: and  

Programmes or courses in Danish

Students from the Nordic countries with Danish, Norwegian or Swedish included in their school leaving examination are not required to do a Danish test. Applicants who have attended a Danish primary school and have obtained the Primary School Leaving Certificate (you need to produce documentation for it) have a possibility of applying for an exemption (dispensation) from the Danish language test. In such a case you need to write an application for an exemption (dispensationsansøgning) where you describe and document your qualifications in Danish.

All other foreign applicants must pass the Danish language test before being admitted as a university student. The required Danish test is: "Studieprøven i dansk som andetsprog". The test is offered by Studieskolen or one of the examination-approved language centres. Registration takes place at Studieskolen, Borgergade 12, DK-1300 Copenhagen K or at a Language Centre via the local authorities. The test consists of two oral and two written examinations and must be passed with at least grade 2 in each of all the 4 examination disciplines. Please note that for courses at Medicine and Odontology the Studieprøve must be passed with at least grade 7 in each of all the 4 examination disciplines.

Tuition fees

Everyone applying for courses under the Open University must pay part of the tuition fee. As of 1 September 2014, fees are as follows:

Price group

Price per ECTS credit for EU/EEA citizens (DKK)

Price per ECTS credit for non- EU/EEA   citizens (DKK)

Price group 1



Price group 2



Programmes in price group 1: Public Health Science, Health Science, Global Health
Programmes in price group 2: Human Biology, IT and Health, Medical Science, Medicine and Technology, Molecular Biomedicine, Pharmacy, Medicine,   Medicinal Chemistry, Veterinary Medicine, Human Biology and Animal Science.


The deadlines for applying as a student under the Open University are:

Courses in the autumn semester, block 1 or 2

1 June

Courses in the spring semester, block 3 or 4

1 December

Summer courses, July-August

1 April

It is not possible to apply after the deadline

Use the online application form to apply. You must upload all relevant documents in connection with your application.

You may expect an answer to your application about a month after the application deadline, after which we will send an invoice to the address you indicated in the application. Please note that you are not enrolled in the course until the course fee has been paid.


Read more about the rules and guidelines for authorisation for foreign doctors, dentists, veterinarians and pharmacists.  

Applicants without a residence permit in Denmark

If you do not have a residence permit in Denmark, you must apply to the University of Copenhagen as a Guest Student before you apply for courses at the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences. Learn more about the regulations by following the link.

If you are not an EU citizen and you wish to enroll in a single course, we need to see a copy of your residence permit before we can enroll you.