Fee and reimbursement of expenses in connection with external censorship


The administration sends your fee for payment, when a grade has been given in Digital Exam.
The payout runs once a month and is always paid out in the middle of a month. Therefore, it can take between 14 days to 1.5 months before the fee is paid to your Nemkonto.
On your pay check the number from CensorIT, the name of the exam or the name of the student will appear.  

The tariff is per October 1, 2022 DKK 471,34 pr. hour excluding holiday allowance. For each exam there is a censorship norm from which the fee is calculated.

Reimbursement of expenses

In general

The University of Copenhagen (KU) is a self-governing state institution and therefore falls under the rules that apply to the state. As an external examiner, you are obligated to comply with the state's rules when KU bears the expenses. Remember to settle your trip no later than 14 days after your return.




If a trip is necessary, you must choose the most climate-friendly mode of transport (bus, train and car rather than plane), as long as it can be done with a reasonable additional cost in time and expense. If an aircraft is used, the price must be within the same of a train journey on the same route.

For travels on Sjælland, you must use trains of standard class. When traveling outside of Sjælland, you can travel in 1st class, if the travel time is mainly spent on preparation.

Taxi service is only accepted to a very limited extent, and can only be used in special cases if the use of public transport cannot meet the need in a reasonable way.

For transport to and from Copenhagen Airport, only bus, train or metro expenses are covered.

When driving in a private car / motorcycle; DKK 2.19 per km. (rate 2023). You must provide the registration number in connection with the settlement, as this is a requirement from SKAT[1].

[1] You must be the owner / user of the car in question. However, it is permitted to use a partner's car if you either have the same address and / or have joint finances.





When the trip lasts more than 24 hours, you travel on hourly and daily allowances[1] to cover additional costs[2] for the following:

  • All meals
  • Local transport at the destination (except to and from the airport)

25% of the hourly and daily allowances cover additional expenses for small necessities and local transport at the destination. With regard to the latter, its transport between hotel and meeting place or the like (e.g. train, bus and taxi). It is up to you, which means of transport you use, as it is a private expense that does not have to be documented in connection with the payment of hourly and daily allowances.

Entitlement to daily allowances stops when there is no further official KU-business, e.g. if time is spent on holiday, days off or weekend during an official trip.

[1] Hourly and daily allowances is reduced, if you get free meals (eg. breakfast, lunch ect. at the exam). The current rates for daily allowances are set out in the Circular on Rate Adjustment for Official.

[2] Please note that the daily allowance is not intended to cover all your expenses during the trip. Daily allowances should only cover your additional expenses, i.e. the extra expenses you may have during the official trip compared to staying at home.



If you use hotel accommodation[1], you must comply with the state's hotel disposition amount which is excl. breakfast; DKK 1,448 per night (rate 2023).
We must point out that you will have to pay for your hotel stay, which must be settled before departure from the hotel. You will subsequently receive a refund of hotel expenses in connection with your travel reimbursement.

The hotel issues the final receipt at check out as well as settlement - it is important that you keep it. The receipt must be addressed to KU and contain KU's name; "KU-Blegdamsvej 3B". Receipt addressed to a private person / private address is non-refundable.

Undocumented night allowance will be applied when you have the opportunity to stay overnight privately. It is paid when the journey has lasted 24 hours; DKK 238 per night (rate 2023).
The undocumented allowance night per night will typically be used when you have the opportunity to stay at a private home. It is intended as a means to say "Thank you for having me". You cannot, receive an undocumented night allowance if you:

  • Are travelling by bus, train, airplane etc. during the night
  • Stay overnight in your holiday cottage or caravan etc.

[1] It is not allowed to book a hotel through hotels.com, momondo and the like.



Expenses related to your trip must be documented by purchase receipt, paid hotel receipt, and Brobizz receipt.
A credit card receipt (payment receipt) and account statement are not sufficient proof of purchase, as it is not clear what was purchased (exception: bridge fee, parking fee and taxi).

When driving by taxi, precise to and from addresses must be provided.

If a ticket was purchased via an app, a screenshot of the ticket must be taken as documentation for the purchase.