Veterinary exchange students

Veterinary student rehabilitate dog with owner

Only exchange students from the veterinary medicine programme’s partner universities can apply for veterinary courses at the University of Copenhagen.


Veterinary exchange students on their last year of the DVM-programme can participate in the following specialisation courses:

Each course lasts 1 semester and awards the students with 26.5 ECTS.

You must always commence the course at study start (1 September or 1 February).

Course codes for semester programmes

Course Course code
Advanced Companion Animal Track SVEK13013U
Equine Clinic Track SVEK13012U
One Health SVEK13112U
Biomedicine SVEK13010U



You can choose to participate in the following two courses for 12 weeks only: 

You must always commence the course at study start (1 September or 1 February).

Course codes for 12-week programmes

These course codes cannot be found in our course catalogue, they are only used in our exchange system Mobility Online.

Course Course code (Mobility Online)
Advanced Companion Animal Track SISA30062A
Equine Clinic Track SISA30062B



In July and August we offer clinical training at the

  • Summer Clinic - Companion Animals
  • Summer Clinic - Large Animals

You must participate in clinical training for a period of minimum 2 weeks and maximum 8 weeks. It is possible to do a combination of clinical training at both hospitals. You will be awarded with 1.5 ECTS per week in the clinic.

If you are a student from one of our Erasmus+ partner universities, you must be able to participate in 8 weeks of clinical training.

Students from our overseas and Nordic partner universities can participate in a shorter period of time. Nordic students must be nominated as Nordplus students.

Summer clinics are only for exchange students nominated by our partner universities.

Course codes for summer clinic

ECTS Weeks Companion Animals Large Animals
3 2 SVEK13024U  SVEK13033U 
4.5 3 SVEK13025U  SVEK13034U 
6 4 SVEK13026U  SVEK13035U 
7.5 5 SVEK13027U  SVEK13036U 
9 6 SVEK13028U  SVEK13037U 
10.5 7 SVEK13029U  SVEK13038U 
12 8 SVEK13030U  SVEK13039U