Evaluations at the Graduate School

Final evaluation among graduating PhD students

All PhD students at the Graduate School of Health and Medical Sciences are asked to complete a questionnaire following submission of their PhD thesis. The purpose of the final evaluation is to assess the quality of the PhD programme, examining the following aspects:

  • The PhD project and enrolment
  • Supervision
  • PhD courses
  • Participation in other scientific environments in Denmark and abroad
  • Teaching and dissemination activities
  • Graduate programmes
  • The workplace and assistance provided
  • Satisfaction with the administrative support

Evaluation report for 2019

Please contact the Graduate School if you wish to receive a copy of the evaluation report for 2019.

Evaluation of the course in Responsible Conduct of Research 1: An Introduction 

International evaluation of the Graduate School

The University Act states that international evaluations of graduate schools at Danish universities must be carried out every five years. In 2019 the Graduate School of Health and Medical Sciences was subject to an international evaluation. If you wish to read the evaluation report, please contact the Graduate School at: graduateschool@sund.ku.dk.