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Local and Regional Collaboration


In Denmark and neighbouring Sweden, the Faculty collaborates closely with hospitals, companies and regional and local authorities to enhance research and teaching and provide valuable clinical experience for students. Examples of this form of collaboration include:

University of Copenhagen Hospital: A group of hospitals in Copenhagen and the rest of Zealand, including Rigshospitalet, constitute University  of Copenhagen Hospital (website in Danish), which provides clinical support for research and student training. Our medical students also have access to clinical training at hospitals in southern Sweden.

Medicon Valley: As a provider of skilled graduates for the private sector, the Faculty works closely with the pharmaceutical industry in both Denmark and abroad. We also work in association with Medicon Valley, a dynamic cluster of leading universities and biotech and pharmaceutical companies in the Oresund region.

Biopeople: Biopeople is Denmark's Innovation Network for Health and Life Sciences, which comprises universities, research organisations, hospitals, the Danish Health and Medicines Authority, industry associations and pharma, medtech, medical device, food and biotech companies.  The aim of Biopeople is to stimulate innovation through activities that bring researchers and stakeholders together across disciplines, sectors and public-private boundaries. Biopeople is part of the Danish infrastructure for innovation established and co-funded by the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation. Biopeople is also a Centre at The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.

University partners: In addition to international partnerships, the Faculty has fruitful collaboration, covering joint programmes, research projects, core facilities and strategic initiatives, with other faculties at the University of Copenhagenand with other universities in region, such as the Technical University of Denmark and Lund University in Sweden.