How do I find a supervisor and a project?

As a PhD student at Health and Medical Sciences you can be employed by the University or at a hospital. You can also apply for an industrial PhD.

Before you start your application process, you must find a supervisor, a project, a workplace and a way to fund your study. Once you have done this, you may begin working on the application form.

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Have a look at the various departments and centres at the Faculty and their research and staff

Contact the department/laboratory/place of work where you wish to study. Talk to a supervisor and discuss your interests within research. Sometimes your supervisor already has a project and access to funding that can support you, but it is also common to apply for an advertised PhD position in collaboration with your supervisor.

Look at the graduate programmes and contact the supervisors

You may also contact the head of a graduate programme. The graduate programmes are specialised research communities that offer courses and seminars. They are headed by a specialist within the specific field. All PhD students are enrolled in a graduate programme.

Look for advertised PhD positions at the University's job portal

Ask the PhD coordinators

The Graduate School has PhD coordinators who can help you with questions regarding the research environments, life as a PhD student at the Faculty and how to get started on your PhD. They act as advisors on subjects that are not related to the scientific content of your PhD.

How can I fund my PhD?

You must find a way to fund your tuition fee and your salary before you apply for enrolment.