Your curriculum describes the framework within which your study programme is organized and contains rules on how you are to complete your study programme. It also describes the programme objectives and structure.

At the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, the curriculum is divided into:

  • The common part of the curriculum, which contains common rules applicable to all study programmes at the Faculty. For example rules on continuous study activity requirement, rules governing course and exam registration, and rules governing change of study programme and transfer.
  • The programme-specific curriculum, which describes your particular study programme. For example rules on competency profile and the structure of the specific study programme
  • Course descriptions in the course database which describe content and rules for the courses and exams in your study programme


















In addition to your curricula, you will find important rules about e.g. exams, teaching and deadlines in the general programme regulations:

General Programme Regulations with commencement 09.01.19

General Programme Regulations for Professional Master's programmes with commencement 01.09.19