Credit transfer student at SUND

Being a credit transfer student means that you are enrolled on one or more courses and examinations of a different programme as part of your own programme, for example, as electives. You also have the option to carry out your bachelor’s project or your master’s project on some of the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences' (SUND) programmes.

Talk to the Student and Career Guidance for your programme about the specific regulations and options for taking courses and examinations on other programmes.


You can find all of the courses, bachelor’s projects and master’s thesis offered in the University of Copenhagen’s course database. The individual course descriptions indicate whether or not you can take a course as a credit transfer student. As inspiration and an opportunity to get an overview of the courses offered, please take a look in the curricula for the programmes.

Please be aware that some courses have admission requirements. If a specific course has admission requirements, you will find them in the course description under Academic requirements/Anbefalede faglige forudsætninger. In order to be able to take a course, it is important that you are fully aware of the academic requirements set out in the course description.

In particular for master’s projects, you must also read the applicable curriculum section on master’s thesis.



If you meet the academic requirements, you have the opportunity to be admitted as a credit transfer student on a course you would like to take if there is a free slot. In general it is difficult to be accepted on the compulsory first-year courses on programmes with limited capacity. For example, there are no free slots for credit transfer students on the compulsory first-year courses in the following programmes: Medicine, Odontology and Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science.

Please note that BSc-students cannot be admitted into MSs courses. Even if you own study board has pre-approved an MSc course to be part of your BSc study programme, you will not be admitted.

If there are more applicants than places available for a course, places will be allocated according to the following priorities:

  1. To students who are enrolled in the programme under which the course is offered either as a compulsory or elective component
  2. To students who are enrolled in other programmes in which the course is listed as an elective 
  3. To international students
  4. To students and credit transfer students from SUND who will use the course as an elective
  5. To credit transfer students from other University of Copenhagen faculties or other universities 
  6. To paying part-time students. 

If there are more qualified applicants than available slots for credit transfer students after the above-mentioned prioritization, the available slots will be determined by drawing lots.



If you wish to register as a credit student to write on of the following projects with a supervisor from SUND:

  • Bachelor’s project
  • Project outside course scope
  • or master’s thesis

Please note that you need to add some important information about the supervisor and subject before your application can be processed.

In the electronic application form, you must include a document with the following information:

  • A confirmation from the supervisor agreeing to supervise your; the document must include name and the supervisor’s institute
  • Number of ECTS for the project
  • Preliminary title and subject
  • Pre-approval from the study board at your own study programme
  • Concerning theses: When you plan to start your thesis – either in September, November, February, or April.

Additionally, you will be asked to provide a course code. In most cases, you will not know the code in which case you mark that the code is unknown.

You can only enrol as a credit student in projects offered by the faculty. The faculty will register you for the most appropriate project based on the information you have supplied regarding title, supervisor, and size of the project.

Even though you have a preapproval from your own study board, you are not guaranteed a project at the faculty. The assessment will be based on an individual case basis.



  1. Apply for pre-approval from your own Study Board
    If possible, you should submit your pre-approval together with your application, and you will not be allocated a place on the course before it has been received. Pre-approval must be submitted no later than 9 January/ 9 August to
    If we do not receive your pre-approval before the deadline, you will be de-registered from the course on which you may otherwise have been accepted.
  2. Apply for acceptance as a credit transfer student at SUND via the forms below. You must fill out one form per course for which you are applying.
    The application deadline for autumn courses is 1 June
    The application deadline for spring courses is 1 December
  3. You can expect an answer to your application no later than six weeks after the application deadline. If you apply for a compulsory first-semester course you will receive an answer to the application by the end of August.

Application form - please use this application form

If you have missed the application deadline and are nonetheless applying for acceptance as a credit transfer student, you must document the reason for your late application. For example, if you have been refused acceptance as a credit transfer student on another course, you must attach the rejection notice.

If you have applied after the deadline, we will do our best to answer your application as soon as possible. However, it may not be possible to process your application until close to the start of the block or semester.



If you have further questions, you are welcome to contact SUND Student and Career Guidance