Other funding opportunities

You may find funding from other parties than the Graduate School or the Industrial PhD arrangement. Other funding usually consists of funding from one or more grant providers.

Many of the funding possibilities have a deadline for when you must start the PhD enrolment and start using the grant/subsidy/funding.

Below you can find a list of suggestions for how to finance your PhD:

  • Job portal
    Vacant PhD positions can be found in the university job portal.
  • Departments, research centres and graduate programmes
    Some of the faculty's departments and research centres may possess major research grants or similar. You should also check the websites of the Graduate Programmes. The PhD positions will usually be posted on their website or in the University job portal. 

  • Funds, foundations, etc.
    Sources of external funding for PhD scholarships can e.g. include the Capital Region of Denmark, Danish National Research Foundation, the European Commission, Danida, private foundations, the Danish Research Councils and governmental research institutions.

  • Industry / other employers
    Some companies, public administrations etc. may post PhD research positions, that are not Industrial PhD positions. Go to the company job websites and other relevant job sites to find open positions.

  • Private funding
    You may complete a PhD based upon private funding completely. If you have the necessary financial means to complete three years of study, incl. tuition fee, salary and project expenses, this is a possibility. 

Rules and regulations

For Danish applicants looking into employment possibilities in connection with a PhD project, the Graduate School recommends that you read the contract of employment carefully and that you contact your trade union Representative before signing the contract. 

For international applicants - before signing a contract of employment with a company -the Graduate School recommends that you look into the rules and regulations about working in Denmark. For information about employment rules, work and residence permit and working conditions at the University, please visit: