Double and joint degrees

A double or joint degree is a collaboration between two universities on a common PhD project on the basis of a mutually binding collaboration agreement.

The PhD student is enrolled at both universities and must meet all requirements of the PhD programmes at both universities. One university is the home university and employs the PhD student while the other university is the partner university.

On the basis of a single PhD project with supervision from both institutions, the PhD student submits a thesis to both universities for assessment and defence. If regulations allow, a single defence is held at the home university. Otherwise, a defence is held at each university.

A double degree results in two PhD diplomas, one from each university. A joint degree results in a single PhD diploma issued by both universities. The Graduate School normally only offers double degrees. In special circumstances a joint degree may be taken into consideration.

Please contact the Graduate School if you are planning on pursuing a double degree. Please note that the Graduate School only initiates negotiations for a double degree with another university on the basis of a supervisor's inquiry.


If a supervisor and a prospective PhD student wish to pursue a double PhD degree project with another university, please consider the following:

  • The PhD student must have a supervisor at each university.
  • A research project of mutual interest must be drafted.
  • A reliable administrative contact at the other university must be provided to the Graduate School.
  • The PhD student must be enrolled at the same time at both universities.
  • The universities' administrations must draw up and finalise a student agreement within six months of enrolment. The agreement establishes the terms and conditions for the collaboration between the two universities.
    Please note that student agreements can take a long time to finalise. Accordingly please contact the Graduate School as soon as possible if you want to start a double degree study.
  • The PhD student must meet all requirements for the PhD programme at both universities. This includes any administrative registration and reporting.
  • The PhD student must complete a stay of at least six months at the partner university. The research stay counts as the mandatory change of research environment. All double degree students are eligible for financial support for the stay from the Graduate School.
  • The tuition fee is usually paid only at the home university.
  • The partner university must be outside of Denmark.
  • All other standard requirements for the PhD study at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences must also be fulfilled. Find all requirements in Rules and Regulations.