Double and joint degrees

A double or a joint degree is a collaboration between two universities on a common PhD project on the basis of a mutual binding collaboration agreement.

The PhD student will be enrolled at both universities and meet all requirements of the PhD programmes at both universities. Based on one PhD project with supervision from both institutions, the PhD student submits a thesis to both universities for assessment and defence.


If a supervisor and a prospective PhD student wish to pursue a double or joint PhD project with another university, please consider the following:

  • Both universities must be prepared for accepting the project as a double or joint PhD degree.
  • The PhD student must have a supervisor at each university.
  • A research project of mutual interest must be drafted.
  • The PhD student must complete a stay of at least six months at the partner university. The research stay counts as the mandatory change of research environment.
  • The tuition fee is usually paid at the university where the PhD student has his or her primary enrolment.
  • The double or joint PhD degree agreement must be finished within six months after enrolment.
  • The partner university must be outside of Denmark.




Current double and joint degree options

As part of a framework agreement, the Graduate School offers double or joint degrees with the following partners:

Any new agreements must be negotiated with the partner university by the Graduate School.

The Graduate School enters framework agreements that involve at least 5-7 PhD projects. The research collaboration between the two universities must be substantial. Grants such as European Joint Doctorates (EJD) are considered substantial research collaborations. 

A new framework agreement can take up to a year to conclude and cannot be entered into on behalf of PhD students who are already enrolled or are soon to be enrolled, at any of the partner universities.


The Graduate School can also set up a double degree agreement for an individual PhD student with the approval of the principal supervisor.

Please contact the Graduate School immediately if you are planning on pursuing a double degree.

The PhD student must be (or accepted to be) enrolled at the Graduate School at SUND. The PhD student must also enrol at the partner university.

As a double degree PhD student, you must comply with all PhD rules and regulations at SUND as well as the Ministerial PhD Order. This includes enrolment, structure of the PhD programme, assessment of the PhD thesis and the award of the PhD degree. You will likely be met with similar requirements at the partner university.

Tuition fee will be paid to the home institution.