Admission requirements and English language skills

You must hold a master's degree in the medical sciences or other relevant degrees equivalent to a Danish master's programme lasting 5 years. If you hold a foreign university degree, you will need to document that your prior studies are equivalent to a Danish master's degree. Check that your qualifications correspond to the Danish MSc degree

English language skills

As a PhD student you use English when writing an article and presenting findings related to your research. Also your PhD thesis is written and defended in English, with only a very few exceptions. It is therefore important that you have profound English language skills.

You need a test of your English skills before you apply for admission unless you belong to one of the following categories:

  • You come from a country where English is the official language.
  • You come from an EU or EEA country.
  • You can document that English was the language of instruction during your BSc or MSc education (please enclose documentation with your application).
  • We only accept TOEFL or IELTS test results.
  • Please enclose copies of the test results and certificates with your application.
  • Language tests older than two years are not accepted.

Minimum test score

Students must have a minimum score of 6.5 in IELTS, 560 in the written TOEFL test or 83 in the online TOEFL test.

Get your test expenses refunded

Applicants who have paid for a TOFEL or IELTS test can get their expenses refunded if they are enrolled as PhD students at the Graduate School of Health and Medical Sciences afterwards. This only applies for tests taken in connection with application for enrolment.

Please be aware that the Graduate School only reimburses the cost if the receipt is available in English.