Research and Innovation

Head of Research and Innovation

Tina Lewis
Phone: 30 58 92 41

Head of Graduate School Administration

Annedorte Vad
Phone: 35 33 02 33
Mobile: 40 18 57 03

Head of Research Support Section

Cecilie Ydemann Hansen
Phone: 35 32 40 34
Mobile: 29 85 32 87

Name Title Job responsibilities Phone E-mail
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Andreas Wladyslaw Przemyslak Academic Officer +4535333387 E-mail
Anja Fløytrup Academic Officer +4535326694 E-mail
Anna Vestergård Jacobsen Innovation Consultant +4593509123 E-mail
Annedorte Vad Head of Section +4535330233 E-mail
Birgit Thomsen Senior Consultant +4535327086 E-mail
Birgitte Uhrbrand Academic Officer +4535321026 E-mail
Cecilie Ydemann Hansen Head of Section +4535324034 E-mail
Chris Heller Special Consultant +4535329838 E-mail
Christine Finnie Special Consultant +4535331958 E-mail
Clara Brandt Andersen Student   E-mail
Connie Foss Hansen PhD Administrator PhD courses (course catalogue, credit transfer, enrolments, exmatriculation, budget etc.), Travel reimbursements +4535333617
Dorte Hørlück Lundsager Academic Officer +4535327085 E-mail
Fie Juul Pedersen Academic Officer +4535320553 E-mail
Gry Katrine Barnes Due-Boje Communications Officer +4535325245 E-mail
Hege Søreng Special Consultant PhD Administration: Concluding the PhD (thesis, assessment committee, defence etc.) and PhD courses: Organising and financing PhD courses. +4535337825 E-mail
Hördur Ingi Árnason Administrative Officer +4535322306 E-mail
Ida Hansen Student   E-mail
Julie L. Jensen Academic Officer +4535322320 E-mail
Kamilla Rolsted Senior Consultant Senior Business Unit Manager +4535328868 E-mail
Karoline Hovde Special Consultant +4535334192 E-mail
Laura Murcia Heggelund Academic Officer +4535326360 E-mail
Lene Nørby Nielsen Special Consultant +4535328030 E-mail
Merete Mortensen Academic Officer +4535334509 E-mail
Mette Abildgaard Nielsen Special Consultant +4535326531 E-mail
Mette Rathje Special Consultant +4535327521 E-mail
Mia Dabelsteen Special Consultant +4535334025 E-mail
Nora Nina Menshed Pedersen Global Mobility Consultant +4535332149 E-mail
Pamela Mary Kasembo Birungi Louis Academic Officer +4535325396 E-mail
Pernille Sikker Hansen Student +4535335833 E-mail
Peter Løvschall Innovation Consultant +4535334703 E-mail
Pil Larsson Academic Officer +4535323924 E-mail
Sabina Oostwoud Academic Officer +4535323640 E-mail
Sadaf Muzaffar Office Trainee +4535324664 E-mail
Sibel Zulfovski Student +4535337753 E-mail
Tilla Axbøg PhD Administrator +4535335998 E-mail
Tina Lewis Head of Study administration Head of Research and Innovation Office, Chief Administrative Officer +4535326395 E-mail
Trine Nygaard Jørgensen Special Consultant   E-mail
Ulrikke Lund PhD Administrator Phd administration: administration of regular assessments, stays abroad etc. (On maternity leave until 2020) +4535328275 E-mail
nrx246 nrx246 Academic Officer +4535332256 E-mail