Dean's Office – University of Copenhagen

Dean's Office

The Dean’s Office consists of the dean, the vice-deans, and the Faculty Director.



Professor, DMSc Ulla Wewer

Phone (secretariat): +45 35 32 70 51

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The Vice-Deans advice the dean on strategic and financial affairs. Within their individual areas the vice-deans are responsible for the academic coordination in the faculty, between the faculty and the rest of the university and in relation to external collaboration:


Vice-Dean for research

Mogens Holst Nissen (acting)


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Vice-Dean for Education

Docent, LIC Hans Henrik Saxild

Phone: +45 3532 7801

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Trine Winterø

Vice-Dean for Innovation and External Relations

Trine Winterø

Phone: +45 3533 2311
Mobile: +45 2343 1802

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Faculty Director

The faculty director is the head of the Faculty Services. The faculty director is the link between the Faculty Services and the administrative management of the departments.

Faculty Director

Anders V. Møller

Phone: +45 2089 7271

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