Strategic Goals

The Maersk Tower, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences (SUND) is a large, ambitious knowledge organisation with a focus on the provision of excellent research and education.

Our vision is to move the boundaries for insight and to create new health and medical science knowledge and insights for the benefit of continuing scientific development, society and individuals.

It is absolutely crucial for this vision to be supported by strategic partnerships, a professional organisation, advanced infrastructure and a culture that builds on international standards for good scientific practice, freedom of research, involvement of personnel and students and a focus on a good working life and studying environment.

SUND's strategic goals

SUND has a set of strategic goals and initiatives – all directly linked to The University of Copenhagen's Strategy 2023 - Talent and Collaboration.

In the area of ​​research, SUND will attract, develop, and retain scientific talent. Strong research environments, attractive collaborations and national and international networks, continuous career development and clarification, access to relevant and modern infrastructure, opportunities for research funding and professional research support contribute to SUND being able to continue to attract and retain talented researchers.

SUND's education programs are characterized by high quality and social relevance, and by a clear anchoring in research and at the same time a close connection to practice. SUND will protect and further develop this. SUND many graduates take on critical social functions, e.g. doctors, dentists, veterinarians and pharmacists. SUND will ensure that digital competences and academic education remain part of the perspective. SUND will also focus on efforts in relation to the political agreement on regionalization, including a new medical education program in Køge.

SUND will contribute to strengthening the university's visibility and impact via value-creating collaboration and societal engagement. SUND plays an active and responsible role in society and engages in dialogue and collaboration with a wide range of partners, also outside the academic institutions – hospitals, public authorities, private companies, and organizations – on research, education, innovation, etc.

In its research and education activities as well as in daily operations, SUND will take active responsibility for contributing to a sustainable transition.