Strategic Goals

The Maersk Tower, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences (SUND) is a large, ambitious knowledge organisation with a focus on the provision of excellent research and education.

Our vision is to move the boundaries for insight and to create new health and medical science knowledge and insights for the benefit of continuing scientific development, society and individuals.

It is absolutely crucial for this vision to be supported by strategic partnerships, a professional organisation, advanced infrastructure and a culture that builds on international standards for good scientific practice, freedom of research, involvement of personnel and students and a focus on a good working life and studying environment.

SUND's strategic goals

SUND has a set of overarching strategic goals – all directly linked to The University of Copenhagen's Strategy 2023 - Talent and Collaboration.


SUND’s academic talents, both the young and the more experienced, make up the foundation of our educational activities, and they contribute with important research, world-class scientific breakthroughs and new solutions to complex challenges, thus benefiting the society.

The research conducted at the faculty ranges from basic to applied and translational science within a variety of fields. The common denominator is a high academic standard, quality and ambition, respect for the variety of disciplines and confidence in competences.

To support SUND’s excellent position of strength, SUND shall enable all the faculty’s research environments to increase their impact.


The technological development will play a key role in the health and medical sciences as new technology facilitates analysis of large amounts of data and more precise treatment. This calls for the development of digital competences among both students and researchers, among others competences within data science, digital culture and ethics etc.

SUND intends to implement a digital core curriculum in all its study programme and – using the Centre for Health Data Science as a hub – to further develop an international-level research environment within health data science across the faculty. This will require a broadly-based effort, including building technological understanding and skills among students and researchers, thus attracting and developing research talents, establishing partnerships, investing in office and research facilities, including IT infrastructure, further training of staff in correct and secure data management etc.

In addition, SUND intends to draw on its many useful experiences with digital support from the COVID-19 crisis with regard to, for example, administration and meeting formats, online/blended teaching, online initiatives to support study environments and student well-being.

The veterinary field meets UCPH’s vision of providing world-class education and research. However, especially the clinical part of the veterinary study programmes is severely challenged. The programme income does not match the expenses of especially the clinical part of the programme, and even though the two university hospitals for companion animals have a stable income, the deficit continues to increase.

SUND therefore needs to develop a joint, long-term vision and strategy for the future of the veterinary field, including a plan for restoring the finances of especially the clinical field. Such restoration plan is a necessary part of a clarification of the future physical framework of the veterinary field.