Full-time equivalent (FTE) - employment converted to full-time positions

3,819 employees (FTE) (2023)

The table shows the number of full-time equivalents (FTE) at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences. This means all types of employment (teachers/researchers, assistants, and administrative staff) converted to full-time positions.

Some are employed on a part-time basis and do not constitute a full-time equivalent. The table does not reflect the number of persons employed at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, as there are more employees than full-time equivalents.


7,783 students (2023)
3,631 bachelor's degree students
4,152 master's degree students


3.5 billion DKK in revenue (2023)
0.9 billion DKK government subsidies
2.1 billion DKK external financing
0.5 billion DKKother revenue



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Last updated on 1 March 2024