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Life expectancy 17/11 2018

Less Pollution Can Add a Year to the Lives of Copenhageners in 2040

If air pollution in the city by 2040 is reduced to the level found in the countryside, approximately one year will be added to the lives of Copenhageners, new research from the University of Copenhagen reveals. Pollution from traffic, among other things, is the reason why Copenhageners have reduced life expectancy.

Gluten 14/11 2018

Should you eat a low-gluten diet?

When healthy people eat a low-gluten and fibre-rich diet compared with a high-gluten diet they experience less intestinal discomfort including less bloating which researchers at University of Copenhagen show are due to changes of the composition and function of gut bacteria.

Grant 08/11 2018

Researchers Investigate Laboratory Learning

Laboratory learning is a central aspect of research within the health, medical and natural sciences. Therefore, it is vital that the students acquire the necessary qualifications to get the most out of their time in the laboratory. A new research project will examine the competences acquired by students and seek to determine how they get the best possible learning.

Insulin 08/11 2018

Inflammation Puts Insulin Production on Hold

When people become overweight and develop diabetes, the body goes into a state of chronic sterile infection. Researchers from the University of Copenhagen have discovered that inflammation increases the degradation of messenger RNA, which instructs the cells to produce insulin. The researchers hope this new knowledge can lead to the development of new drugs capable of restarting the production of insulin in patients with type 2 diabetes.

Great Nordic Prize 07/11 2018

Million Kroner Prize to UCPH Researcher for Revolutionary Discovery of the Brain’s Cleaning System

Professor Maiken Nedergaard from the University of Copenhagen is this year’s recipient of the prestigious prize Stora Nordiska Pris awarded by the Eric K. Fernström Foundation. She receives the prize for her discovery of and research into the brain’s cleaning system, the glymphatic system.

The Heart 02/11 2018

Danish researchers discover a new inherited heart disease

Cardiologists from The National University Hospital, Rigshospitalet, and researchers from the University of Copenhagen and DTU have in an international collaboration project with colleagues from Oxford and Amsterdam made an out-of-the-ordinary discovery. They have identified a previously undiscovered severe heart disease – the inherited familial ST depressions syndrome. The discovery has just been published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine.

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