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Allergy 17/07 2018

Major study identifies new hay fever risk genes

In a large international study involving almost 900,000 participants, researchers from the University of Copenhagen and COPSAC have found new risk genes for hay fever. It is the largest genetic study so far on this type of allergy, which affects millions of people around the world.

Implants 03/07 2018

Study: Fungi and Bacteria Grow on Body Implants

A body implant provides a new habitat for bacteria and fungi, a new study conducted at the University of Copenhagen reveals. The researchers have examined a number of implants such as screws implanted in the body in connection with surgery and discovered bacteria and fungi on them – despite the fact that the patients have shown no signs of infection.

Protein Research 29/06 2018

Enzyme may get key role in drug design for breast cancer and brain condition

In recent years, researchers have focussed on the enzyme TLK2 suspecting it of playing a main role in several diseases. A new study conducted at the University of Copenhagen now reveals that the enzyme displays lower levels of activity in intellectual disability and that it is possible to inhibit it in breast cancer, where it is overactive. The study thus suggests that the enzyme may be a target for potential therapies.

Elite research 28/06 2018

Four new elite research units within asthma, cancer, osteoarthritis and childhood infections

The research academy Copenhagen Health Science Partners launches four new excellent research partnerships focussing on paediatric asthma, cancer, osteoarthritis and paediatric infections. The ambitious partnerships between the Capital Region of Denmark and the University of Copenhagen aim to contribute with knowledge and results of benefit to more patients.

Grant 28/06 2018

Millions for Research in the Health and Quality of Life of Senior Citizens

More Danes must maintain a high quality of life and vitality throughout life. This is the vision and starting point of the cross-disciplinary research conducted by the Center for Healthy Aging at the University of Copenhagen. The centre has just received funding DKK 78 million from Nordea-fonden. The research-based knowledge produced here will through collaboration with civil society and municipalities be translated into practice of benefit to senior citizens.

Huntington's disease 20/06 2018

Researchers find important new piece in the Huntington’s disease puzzle

In a new study, researchers from the University of Copenhagen have discovered a hitherto unknown error in the transport of glutamine between astrocytes and neurons in the brain of mice with Huntington’s disease. At the same time, it is a relevant area on which to focus the effort of developing a future treatment for the disease, the researchers believe.

Old genes 20/06 2018

1,000 Old Skeletons Will Provide New Knowledge on Brain Disorders

Together SUND, SCIENCE and the Lundbeck Foundation are in the process of establishing a new research centre that will map the interplay between human DNA and diseases throughout history. Focus will be on neurological diseases and psychiatric disorders – and the data comes from bones and teeth.

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