Human Resources

Division of Human Resources at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at University of Copenhagen

Head of HR, Carsten Carlsen

Head of Human Resources

Carsten Carlsen
Phone: 35 33 43 23
Phone (Secretariat): 35 32 32 33

Name Title Job responsibilities Phone E-mail
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Amalie Ingemann Uhre Student +4535330884 E-mail
Amalie Roland Dons Student +4535325639 E-mail
Anders Andersen HR Staff +4535321253 E-mail
Andrea Wilcks Biosafety Officer Laboratory Safety +4551297947 E-mail
Anna Egelund Jørgensen HR Staff +4535321493 E-mail
Anne Sofie R. Steenstrup HR Consultant +4535326030 E-mail
Astrid Birch Friis HR Staff +4535330619 E-mail
Bende Storgaard Sørensen Occupational Health and Safety Consultant Working environment tasks - focusing on GMO +4520350063 E-mail
Betina Barbesgaard HR Staff Recruitment and administration of staff +4535332328 E-mail
Carsten Carlsen Head of Human Resources +4535334323 E-mail
Charlotte Etzerodt Senior Consultant HR partner +4535325606 E-mail
Chrestina Andersen Gregersen HR Staff +4535331637 E-mail
Christina Haupt Brar Head of Section +4535328214 E-mail
Christina Kwasniowska Jørgensen HR Staff Recruitment and administration of staff +4535325383 E-mail
Clara Seehuusen Lladó Student +4535326272 E-mail
Dina Dkeidek Special Consultant +4535322192 E-mail
Ditte Maria Bohn HR Partner +4535337526 E-mail
Ditte Maria Stenskov HR Staff HR Staff +4535320441 E-mail
Emilie Gregor Sørensen External Consultant +4535333561 E-mail
Fulya Nur Kilic Office Trainee +4535322264 E-mail
Gitte Larsen Administrative Officer +4535336559 E-mail
Hans Pedersen Academic Officer +4535337763 E-mail
Henriette Strand Nielsen HR Partner +4535337455 E-mail
Henrijette Gjevnøe Nissen HR Partner +4535332294 E-mail
Jannie Tangsgaard Risby Special Consultant +4535329628 E-mail
Julie Kaae Høgh Occupational Health and Safety Consultant +4535321151 E-mail
Kamilla Kondrup Work Legal Adviser +4535331568 E-mail
Karen Fredslund Nielsen Senior Consultant with personnel management +4535326059 E-mail
Karin Stilling Christensen HR Staff +4535322757 E-mail
Katrine Harboe Salskov Ager Student +4535327736 E-mail
Kristoffer Munch Harris HR Staff +4535324512 E-mail
Lasse Kramp External Consultant +4535337198 E-mail
Linda Banke Eg HR Staff +4535335293 E-mail
Louise Borum Bech HR Staff +4535326961 E-mail
Louise Johnsen HR Consultant +4535327513 E-mail
Louise Natalie Daugaard HR Partner +4535326480 E-mail
Malou Marie-Louise Rosenlund HR Staff HR Officer +4535332898 E-mail
Marianne Dichow In-house Counsel +4535332934 E-mail
Marit Lægteskov Mortensen Legal Adviser +4535324515 E-mail
Mette Hoffmann Kønigsfeldt Special Consultant +4535331049 E-mail
Mette Julie Margrethe Holm-Jensen Special Consultant +4535327219 E-mail
Michelle Keun-Rasmussen Special Consultant +4535328047 E-mail
Monica Sawroop Weischelfeldt HR Consultant +4535331544 E-mail
Nicoline Fusager Student +4535332842 E-mail
Pernille Georgalas Administrative Officer +4535336099 E-mail
Pernille Wigh In-house Counsel +4535334062 E-mail
Peter Hartmann HR Staff +4535334385 E-mail
Sille Didriksen HR Staff +4535323469 E-mail
Stine Dines Pedersen Academic Officer +4535320559 E-mail
Stine Lærke Lunderskov HR Staff +4535326983 E-mail
Susanne Larsen HR Staff +4535327048 E-mail
Susanne Magnusson HR Staff +4535322782 E-mail
Tina Ehlig Hansen HR Staff +4535336315 E-mail
Tina Senn Ryttersgaard HR Staff +4535332723 E-mail
Tine Andersen Bundgaard HR Staff +4535328693 E-mail
Torben Pedersen HR Staff +4535332453 E-mail
Trine Keller Garde Office Trainee +4535324662 E-mail
Zascha Eiss Bang HR Partner +4535334256 E-mail