24 August 2023

More courses are announced: PhD Supervison for Co-supervisors

Due to a huge demand, we have created several courses in 2024 for  primary co-supervisors and co-supervisors at SUND, UCPH. 


The main purpose of this voluntary course is to make co-supervision a more efficient and enjoyable process and improve the overall quality of PhD supervision. You will learn tools to clearly define your role and to align expectations with the PhD student and the rest of the supervisor team.

Learning goals

After the seminar you are able to: 

  • Clearly define your role as a co-supervisor and match your effort with your resources
  • Use tools to align expectations with the supervisor team
  • Analyse power distribution in the team and address disagreements
  • Contribute with constructive written feedback
  • Optimise the feedback process when several authors are involved

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