Mentor programme for postdocs

Registration for the next round, which runs from 1 May 2023 to the end of March 2024, will be possible on the website from December 2022.

The mentor programme offers one-to-one feedback with experienced colleagues. The aim is to support young researchers´ competency and career development and inspire them to a research career at UCHP, hospitals or in the industry.

Structure and content of the programme

The current round of the mentor programme runs formally from 1 May 2022 to the end of March 2023. During this period, it is recommended that the mentor and mentee have six to ten meetings.

Mentor-mentee couples are put together by consultant Lisa Ott based on individual mentee needs and mentor experience and knowledge. Lisa Ott has extensive experience with mentoring in general and for UCPH.

It is important to ensure a certain organisational distance between the mentee and mentor, and that they are not well acquainted before the mentorship is established.

It is a requirement that mentors and mentees participate in a half-day workshop on the mentor-mentee roles prior to the matching.

In the next round of the programme, two workshops will take place after the mid-term evaluation in the autumn. There will be one workshop for the participating mentors and one workshop for the participating mentees. The purpose is to allow the participants to reflect on their learning and exchange experiences. This will provide new insights and inspire the participants to structure and make the most of the remaining part of the programme. The workshops are conducted by consultant Lisa Ott.


Associate professors and professors at SUND, as well as representatives from hospitals and industry, are invited to participate as mentors.

It is a requirement that mentors who are not employed as associate professors or professors have five years of work experience after obtaining the PhD degree.

Furthermore, it is a requirement that all mentors are able to participate in the three-hour introductory course in week 11.

What's in it for you?

Quote from experienced mentor Professor Nicole Schmitt, Department of Biomedical Sciences:

“You may ask yourself how you should find time in your busy schedule for being a mentor? A very relevant question - what's in it for me? Actually a lot. I am a regular mentor in the UCPH programme for assistant professors. Seeing the workplace through the eyes of the mentees made me reflect on my own leadership approaches and gave me other perspectives on UCPH as an organization. Realizing that my questions helped the mentees to develop was very rewarding, both as a professional and a person. We attend many meetings - these ones really have an impact."