Study Board for Human Biology, Immunology and Neuroscience

The overall responsibility for teaching at the faculty lies with the study board. It adopts changes to the curriculum, which are recommended to the dean for approval.

In addition, the study board works broadly to ensure the quality of the program and takes an ongoing position on, e.g. evaluations, teaching processes and the overall structure of the education. The study board also decides on credit and exemptions.



MSc in Human Biology

Academic staff

  • Claus Juul Løland (Head of Studies)
  • Morten Schak Nielsen
  • Substitute: Lotte Vogel
  • Substitute: Michael Aagaard Andersen
  • Substitute: Claire Francesca Meehan 


  • Zakarias Kefil Jensen Ogueboule
  • Jonathan Emborg Fjalland Rasmussen
  • Jaime Ramirez Cerrillos
  • Substitute: Helle Margit Albrechtsen

MSc in Immunology and Inflammation

Academic staff

  • Anders Woetmann Andersen (Chairperson and Head of Studies)
  • Jan Pravsgaard Christensen
  • Martin Kongsbak-Wismann


  • Tiana Stanisic (Vice Chairperson)
  • Alexandra Teresa Seibel
  • Alina Brandlmayr

MSc in Neuroscience

Academic staff

  • Jens Holm Mikkelsen (Head of Studies)
  • Ole Kjærulff
  • Birgitte Rahbek Kornum


  • Sofie Smith Jacobsen
  • Sigurd Fyhn Sørensen
  • Caitríona Organ
  • Substitute: Peter Moltke Skov-Andersen







  • 25 April
  • 26 September
  • 28 November







Exemption and credit transfer committee

Three members from the scientific staff

Three members from the students

Admissions board Human Biology

Two members from the scientific staff

Two members from the students

Admissions board Immunology and Inflammation

Two members from the scientific staff

Admissions board Neuroscience

Two members from the scientific staff





Inquiries to the study board must go through the programme coordination team at

Information regarding exemptions or credit can be found on KUnet (the students' education pages):

Contact SUND Study information for questions about content and opportunities in the program.