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Our forms are having a makeover

We are launching our electronic forms in a new and improved format.

Remember your KU login
The new forms require what you login with your KU-login (KU-brugernavn).

All PhD students enrolled at the Graduate School have a KU-login. If you do not know your KU-login or forgot your password, please look for help here.

The launch of the new forms will happen gradually, starting with the forms “Concluding the PhD programme”, “Regular assessment” and “Approval of courses”.

Apply for enrolment

» Submit your enrolment application

» Transfer from another faculty / University  


» Course catalogue

» Approval of courses from other providers, credit transfer, course reimbursement

Supervision, regular assessments and project

» Expectation alignment between supervisor and PhD student

» Regular assessments

» Add or change supervisor (s)   

» Change in the PhD plan

» Change Graduate Programme

» Add external assessor

» Exmatriculation from the PhD study  

Absence and part-time

» Leave of absence

» Illness/ part time illness  

» Maternity, paternity leave, parent or adoption leave

» Part-time PhD study  

» Childcare days - for PhD students employed at the department of Clinical Medicine

» Vacation - for PhD students employed at the department of Clinical Medicine 

Change of research environment

» Financial support for studying abroad  

» Registration of change of research environment

Thesis and defence

» Extension of the PhD study period

» Co-authorship declaration

» Concluding the PhD programme

» PhD defence and PhD certificate 

PhD without enrolment (§15 (2))

» Apply to submit of a thesis without enrolment

» Suggestion for an assessment committee