Transfer of PhD studies – University of Copenhagen

Transfer to the Graduate School of Health and Medical Sciences

If you are currently enrolled as a PhD student at another faculty or another university, you can apply for transfer to the Graduate School of Health and Medical Sciences. You can only be transferred, if your new principal supervisor is employed at the Faculty.

Please collect the following documentation before you complete the application form:

  • Documentation of your current PhD enrolment (enrolment certificate etc.).
  • Status on evaluations (must be an official transcript from your current graduate school).
  • Course certificates or status on course plan (must be an official transcript from your current graduate school).

Apply for transfer

  • Have your principal supervisors sign the verification document and scan the verification.

  • Complete the standard enrolment application form. Make sure to fill in section B concerning your current studies.

  • Please insert the documentation mentioned above (enrolment certificate, status on evaluations, course certificates etc.) in the end of the application file.

  • Submit the application form to and include the signed verification document as a separate file. Please write "Application for transfer" in the subject field.