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Book meeting facilities and auditoriums

Lokaler til konferencer og særlige lejligheder

You can rent auditoriums and conference rooms in the Panum Building, the Maersk Tower and the University Park. 

Who can book rooms at SUND?

Associations, researchers and students affiliated to SUND may use the faculty’s rooms when they are available.

Rooms are not available for

  • Commercial, profit-creating, political or religious events
  • Private parties, team parties, graduation parties or similar (classrooms or other rooms).


  • Renting of rooms must give SUND no expenses. Therefore, when renting a room you must pay rent and any expenses for security, cleaning, cloakroom and similar in accordance with existing rates and terms of payment laid down by Campus Service SUND.

AV equipment

Please direct questions concerning the AV equipment in the individual rooms at SUND to the AV Centre at SUND.

Phone: 35 32 70 10

The AV Centre assists internal and external users in connection with teaching activities, congresses, symposia, academic meetings, doctoral and PhD theses etc.


There are 9 auditoriums at Panum:

  • The Einar Lundsgaard Auditorium seating 400
  • The Adolf Hannover Auditorium seating 180
  • The Victor Haderup Auditorium seating 180
  • Two small auditoriums in rooms 29.01.30 and 29.01.32, both seating 68
  • The Niels K. Jerne Auditorium seating 500 (Maersk Tower)
  • The Henrik Dam Auditorium seating 106 (Maersk Tower)
  • The Nielsine Nielsen Auditorium seating 96 (Maersk Tower)
  • The Holst Auditorium seating 96 (Maersk Tower)
There are 3 auditoriums in the University Park 2-4:
  • Auditorium 4 seating 385
  • Auditorium 3 seating 244
  • The Alfred Benzon Auditorium seating 103

Contact Campus Service

If you would like to learn more about renting a room or an auditorium at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, please contact the room administration at Campus Service.


Charlotte Jakobsen
Phone: 35 32 70 04

Helle Bæhr
Phone: 35 32 70 01