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17 November 2016

Two new honorary doctors with backgrounds in the health sciences

Honorary Doctors

The University of Copenhagen is awarding honorary doctorates to two top researchers – Janet Thornton and Michael Nauck. Both researchers have a background in the health sciences, and in collaboration with researchers at SUND have spearheaded important findings on the international scene.

Comprehensive and important research performance at international level. This is the criterion that has to be met when the University of Copenhagen awards the prestigious title of honorary doctor once a year. Normally, honorary doctors have also played a significant role in research and in the PhD programme at the University of Copenhagen, either as a visiting teacher or through international research collaboration. This year, the two top researchers Professor Dame Janet Thornton and Professor Michael A. Nauck can add the degree to their CVs.

“Both researchers have played an important role in research into the health sciences and are well-reputed internationally. They are highly competent and visionary cooperation partners, and I am proud and delighted that they will continue to work together with SUND at developing and creating results within research into diabetes and bioinformatics,” says the Dean, Ulla Wewer.

Since 1929, honorary doctorates have been the highest academic accolade that the University of Copenhagen confers without the recipient first having defended a doctoral thesis in Denmark. To qualify for consideration, it is a prerequisite that the individual concerned has conducted extensive and significant research of high international quality. Researchers and research institutes at the University of Copenhagen nominate candidates for honorary doctorates, and the academic councils of the faculties concerned then recommend selected nominees to the Rector for final approval.

In accordance with historic tradition, the individual recipients are formally proposed during a short speech by a dean. This takes place at the University’s annual commemoration ceremony, at which the rector, on the University’s behalf, proclaims them honorary doctors. The new doctors are then presented with an honorary doctorate certificate in Latin, signed by the rector and the appropriate dean.

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