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26 April 2016

Peter Rossing is awarded an industrial professorship and a big prize


Peter Rossing will be appointed Professor of Endocrinology with a particular focus on diabetic vascular disorder at the University of Copenhagen.

As of 1 May 2016, Professor Peter Rossing will take up an industrial professorship at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences. Over the next five years, his work will focus on creating more synergy between the research conducted at the faculty and the clinical praxis at Steno Diabetes Centre. 

Currently, Peter Rossing is Affiliated Professor at both Aarhus University and the University of Copenhagen as well as Head of Research at Steno Diabetes Centre, which is expected to fall under the Capital Region of Copenhagen as of next year, thus becoming part of a new innovative diabetes centre covering the entire region. 

From May 2012 until May 2016, Peter Rossing held the position of Chairman of the Danish Society of Endocrinology, and he is also Chairman of the Danish Region’s National Quality Database. 

International prize for excellence in diabetes research 
At the same time, Peter Rossing also receives the renowned international diabetes prize, the Camillio Golgi Prize, for his substantial work on the prevention and treatment of complications connected to diabetes. The European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) annually awards a European researcher for excellence in complications in connection with diabetes. 

“All through his career, as clinician and researcher, Peter Rossing has worked on preventing the occurrence of diabetes as well as improving the treatment of kidney- and cardiovascular complications in particular, as they may lead to early death. He’s identified numerous risk factors, including D-vitamin deficiency and high levels of uric acid, and we are very pleased that he now receives this well-earned and excellent acknowledgement,” says CEO at Steno Diabetes Centre, Professor John Nolan. 

The Camilo Golgi Prize will be awarded in Munich on Tuesday 13 September at the EASD’s annual congress. In connection with the celebration, Peter Rossing has been invited to give a lecture on his work. 

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