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19 April 2016

SUND receives substantial grants from the Danish Councils for Independent Research


A total of seven of this year’s postdoc grants from the Danish Councils for Independent Research on Health and Disease have been awarded to researchers at the University of Copenhagen.

Substantial grants are headed for SUND. Five grants were awarded to international researchers, who were this year’s focus area. 

“We know that a strong international focus will provide researchers with new knowledge and it will build up expertise within research fields of high professional standards,” says Chairman of the Council, Professor Jørgen Frøkiær from Aarhus University. 

One of the recipients, Danish researcher Lonnie Grove Petersen, Doctor and PhD from the University of Copenhagen, will also be working internationally. She will not merely conduct her research in Copenhagen; she will also be affiliated with the University of California and the Johnson Space Center in the US. 

The young international researchers – most of whom are in their thirties – have chosen Denmark as their location for a number of reasons.

“I wanted to come to Denmark, because they are at the very forefront of both research and treatment of metabolic diseases,” says Roldan Medina de Guia from the Philippines. He has a PhD from Germany and will be affiliated with the Novo Nordisk Center for Basic Metabolic Research. 

Eliza Glodowska-Mrowka, Doctor and PhD from Poland. Since August 2015, she has worked at both the Finsen Laboratory at Rigshospitalet and the University of Copenhagen. Her aim is clear: she wants her own research group.

“For this to succeed, I had to leave my comfort zone in order to improve my professional skills, I had to challenge myself in a new environment and to develop my network,” Says Eliza Glodowska-Mrowka. She will be affiliated with Professor Bo Porse’s group and states that the great advantage for her is the fact that the research conducted will be related to areas she has previously worked with, but her focus will also be turned to relatively new areas. 

Read more about what the young researchers will delve into.


  • This year, the Danish Councils for Independent Research  Health and Disease will award 14 postdoc grants for research talents in Denmark. The total sum will amount to approx. DKK 28 million.
  • The aim is to provide young researchers with the best possible conditions for delivering significant and internationally acclaimed research results.
  • Most recipients are in their thirties, and they receive between DKK 670,000 and 2.8 million.
  • This year, the Research Council focused on internationalisation: Eight out of the 14 grants have been awarded to international researchers who wish to work in Denmark, while four grants have been awarded to Danish researchers who wish to conclude their postdoc abroad.