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12 April 2016

Conclusion of large research project on the health of immigrants


Results from the interdisciplinary research project SULIM with the aim of investigating the health of immigrants and ethnic minorities in Denmark is now available on the website.

After approx. 4 years, the large, interdisciplinary research project SULIM has now come to an end. By way of a number of sub-projects it has focused on the health of immigrants and ethnic minorities in Denmark and on the possibilities for enhancing health and disease prevention among these groups. 

Parts of the results from SULIM, based on various research methods and scientific disciplines, have now been compiled in a 40-page report, which is now available on the University of Copenhagen’s website

SULIM’s sub-projects have focused on different life stages: pregnant women and infants, toddlers in healthcare, children in primary and lower secondary school, young people in high school and adults who have attended language school or municipal equivalents. 

Based on the results, researches have also compiled a number of perspectives of possible interventions that may enhance these groups’ understanding as well as their general health. 

Head of Project and Centre Director Allan Krasnik compiles the conclusions: “All sectors in society that come into contact with immigrants and their descendants in different phases of their lives can work to enhance inclusion and thus contribute to their integration as well as their general health. Immigrants arrive here with different linguistic, cultural and social experiences as well as different norms and knowledge, and our institutions must adapt to this new reality, if they are to fulfil their aims. The project points to some obvious possibilities for improved efforts.”

Furthermore, the results from SULIM have been presented at a seminar at the University of Copenhagen on 31 March, attended by more than 150 people. The seminar was titled “Health and Inclusion of Ethnic Minorities in our Welfare Institutions: Examples from the SULIM Research Project”. The project’s results were discussed and commented on by a panel of representatives from involved sectors, and among other things, they stressed the need for improved intersectional collaborations between various authorities who come into contact with ethnic minority groups.  

SULIM was carried out by the Research Centre for Migration, Ethnicity and Health (MESU) and financed by the Innovation Foundation who granted DKK 17 million.

Centre Coordinator Janne Sørensen
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